Dec 22 2012

Our November 2012 Cost of Living

Since we were busy in November giving tours of San Ramon and the western Central Valley, and traveling more than usual, we had some higher than normal car expenses. In addition to gas, this includes some regular maintenance (2 new brake pads in front & 2 new brake shoes in rear; oil change, lube & filter, clutch adjustment – total cost: $128), as well as the replacement of our car alarm (total cost: $60, including installation.)

Gloria’s food processor also needed to be replaced as her old one (which lasted more than 20 years, by the way) finally died. Since she uses it to make homemade peanut butter and lots of other things, she shopped around and found a great one for $60.

We also made a trip to PriceSmart to stock up on a few things, so our grocery bill this month was higher than normal. In general, we’ve noticed a slight increase in the cost of groceries which can be attributed to inflation. Our goal is to spend $300 per month in groceries. Note: this does not include eating out in restaurants, which has its own category.

In the coming months, with moving to a new house, we anticipate seeing our expenses change somewhat. We will be paying rent plus utilities, it other words, there will be some fluctuation as the utilities are not included in the rent and will depend on usage. This applies mostly to electricity and propane (for hot water and cooking).

Here are our expenses for the previous two months:











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