Dec 03 2013

Our October 2013 Cost of Living

We had a great month in October, coming in significantly below our $2,000 monthly budget. Just about everything was in line with or below our averages. A low month like October makes up for those months we spend more than our budget.

We spent more in groceries for some reason. Looking back, we didn’t have a big shopping trip to AutoMercado or PriceSmart. It looks like we just bought groceries more frequently. Did we entertain more in October? I don’t think so. Maybe we were just hungrier than usual? Who knows? And, in the same month, we spent more on meals out as well. We did go to an Octoberfest celebration, but that wasn’t expensive. Once again, maybe we were just hungry.

Our transportation expenses were actually lower than usual, with no extra fees — no insurance payments or car repairs — just gas, parking, and tolls for the most part.

As usual, to help put things into perspective, here are our expenses for the previous two months:














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