Dec 05 2016

Our October 2016 Costa Rica Cost of Living

We were traveling almost the entire month of October, and a few days into November, on our yearly trip to Mexico. That meant lower than usual Costa Rica living expenses for the month — just over $1,000.

Costa Rica Fixed Costs

As you would imagine, many categories of our Costa Rica expenses totaled zero or next to nothing. Such were Groceries, Transportation, Meals Out, Pets, Other Household, Personal Care/Clothing, Entertainment, and Miscellaneous.

There were only three categories where we spent close to normal. The first is “Healthcare.” Even though we were away for almost the entire month, we still had to pay our monthly Caja payment and still needed the same medications. We stocked up on some vitamins and supplements we would need during our trip, which came to $51.79. And we bought a couple more essential oils from doTerra ($73.00).

And since our rent still needed to be paid, as well as the monitoring on our home security system, phone, and Wifi, our “Rent/Phone/Utilities” category was also close to normal. We also paid the electric and water bills since they were for service in September. There are two reasons the total was a bit lower. We had wonderful house/pet sitters while we were away (thanks again Barb & Bill!) and they paid for any propane they used (for cooking and hot water) and for the cost of our housekeeper who comes four hours every week.

Our “Entertainment” expenses were low normal. We spent our usual $10.59 for NetFlix and purchased a couple of Kindle books, one for $2.99 and the other for $.99.

As usual, to help put things into perspective, here are our expenses for the previous two months. If you want more information about a particular month, just click on the graphic for that month below:



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