Oct 27 2013

Our September 2013 Cost of Living

September was just about on track. As you can see, we came pretty close to meeting our $2,000 monthly budget. There were a few expenses, however, that we want to point out.

First, you’ll see that we show $98.07 in non-reimbursable expenses for our trip to Las Vegas with International Living. While we did buy some things to bring back home — like clothing and household items — since we will be using those things in Costa Rica, we are showing them just under the normal categories. The $98.07 is for taxis and other miscellaneous expenses on our “day off .” We are NOT showing any travel expenses for this trip because they are all reimbursed.

We also want to mention that our “Transportation” category is higher than normal because of two car-related expenses. In September, we paid RITEVE, which is the annual inspection required on all vehicles in Costa Rica. Cost: $20.06. Also, we paid our supplemental car insurance for the next 6 months. That amount came to $160.74.

Our Household/Misc. expenses were also a bit higher than normal because we purchased a couple of small household items while in Las Vegas. In addition, we had to purchase a new printer in Costa Rica as our old one finally stopped working. We paid $82.34 for an Epson combo printer/copier/scanner.

As usual, to help put things into perspective, here are our expenses for the previous two months:

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