Sep 25 2013

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Save Thousands on Private Medical Care

A great way to save thousands of dollars on a trip to Costa Rica is to come for some medical tourism, but you don’t need to go to San Jose or Escazu for care. In our town, San Ramon, we have medical tourism too, but we don’t call it that. We just call it a good deal. Here in San Ramon we have GM Medical Center. Staffed by a team of highly professional doctors, dentists, and surgeons, GM Medical offers excellent care at great prices.



Our readers, the Bakers, went to GM Medical for some tests that would have been prohibitively expensive back in the States. Here’s what they experienced:

Now as for the medical side of things, we were very impressed. We had absolutely no qualms about seeing doctors in a foreign country, and we totally trusted Paul and Gloria’s recommendations. Living on Social Security, we can no longer afford health care in the US. We first saw Dra. Maria Hernandez, general practitioner at Grupo Medal, and met her husband Johann who runs the business end. Dra. Hernandez was very accommodating. She made it a point to see us at 7:00 a.m. due to a medical commitment in San Jose where she spent the rest of the day. She examined both of us and spent an hour of her time discussing our issues and charged us a mere $60.00 with three FREE follow-up visits – unheard of back in the US! She changed my husband’s sleep medicine which has made quite an improvement, and she also referred him to a local gastroenterologist for further evaluation of stomach problems. When we left, she gave us a reassuring hug and kiss on the cheek and we reciprocated.

Dr. Sergio, the gastroenterologist, performed a gastroscopy and colonoscopy with three biopsies for a grand total of $560.00 including a FREE follow-up consultation – again unheard of in the US! It would have cost us at least four times as much here. Dr. Sergio’s office is new and immaculate with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. I watched both procedures on a flat screen TV, no different than here in the US. The biggest and most important difference is that these doctors have a genuine concern for their patients and will take time to listen. Dr. Sergio reassured us several times to go back home and not worry. Everything has been taken care of. That is peace of mind! We will not hesitate to use either one of these doctors again. Oh yes, Dr. Sergio and I both have family in Toronto and he is a big Bluejays fan. Our nephew is a pitcher for the team. That just raised the comfort level up a notch.”

Diane & Kyle Baker

One of the reasons people have a high comfort factor at GM Medical is that several of the staff speak English. So it’s a great place to go for medical care for those English-speaking expats who live in the area and either aren’t yet in the Caja, who don’t know enough Spanish to feel comfortable with a Spanish-speaking doctor, or who just want a second opinion. Our neighbors, the Gawenkas, have gone to GM Medical on several occasions:

Dra. Maria Hernandez is wonderful.  There is at most a half hour wait to see her (the same day!) and her diagnoses have been right on.  She provides meds from her trial supplies at no charge on the first visit, and the follow up visit is free as well.  (The initial visit is only $50.)  We have used her for our housekeeper who had advanced liver cancer, when Paul had a monkey bite (she inquired about the “poor monkey” and we all laughed), and when I bent over wrong and pulled out my back.  She is a surgeon as well as a general practitioner. Her English is very good, and we love knowing she is always there.”

Michele and Paul Gawenka

So, if you’re coming for vacation and need a dentist or doctor, or are planning some medical tourism, consider contacting GM Medical Center at the following numbers: 2456-1212 / 2456-1213 . Their office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon.

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