Jun 04 2012

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Visiting the Dentist, Part 2

After hearing about her great experiences with her dentist, Paul asked our neighbor, Lisa, at the Cabinas to write a brief article for our newsletter.



Who’s Afraid of the Dentist Now?

By Lisa Kolber

My first encounter with Dra. Stephanie came when in June of last year I had a problem with a crown on a back molar.  My dentist in Los Angeles had replaced the crown (twice) with temporaries that just “popped” off.  After meeting with Dra. Stephanie, not only did I receive a temporary crown that was far superior to the temporaries produced by my LA dentist, but within a week I had a new crown for my  molar, all at  a cost of $330. I was also very impressed that when I was in her office, I was her sole focus. How different from being thrown into the dental “shell game” or “musical rooms” that many dentists in the US tend to use as their care template!

When I returned to Los Angeles to prepare for my move to San Ramon, I had to undergo a root canal (I have many dental issues!)  For weeks after, I was still in pain, even though the dentist and the Endodontist who performed the root canal said everything looked as it should and that my pain would “calm down.”   It didn’t.  After settling in to my new Costa Rican home, I contacted Dra. Stephanie and briefed her on what had happened.  She considered that I must have had an infection (from the root canal) and it had spread to the tooth next to it.  I needed a re-do of the root canal not only in the first tooth, but the one next to it!  Dra. Stephanie arranged for an Endodontist to come to San Ramon from San Jose to do the procedure.  He arrived with two assistants, interviewed me, and performed the double root canals.  The cost, $300 per tooth.  Dra. Stephanie needed only to place permanent fillings, and the problem was resolved.

I have been very VERY impressed the high level of care I have received from both Dra. Stephanie Solis and her San Jose colleague, Endodontist Dr. Roberto Hernandez. I have happily recommended Dra. Stephanie to several friends. If it ever comes to it (and I hope it doesn’t again) I will be glad that I know about Dr. Roberto.  And I know you might be wondering — Dra. Stephanie speaks perfect English.  And so does Dr. Roberto!”


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