Jun 02 2014

Paul Gets a CT Scan Through the Caja

For our healthcare needs, our first stop is always the Caja, Costa Rica’s public healthcare system. We’ve learned how to use it, both in our town of San Ramón and beyond, when the need arises for more advanced or specialized care. If you’ve read our website for a while, you know that we have paid privately for certain tests and procedures to speed up the process. We understand how to make the system work for ourselves and others. And our goal is to demystify the Caja so that you also can learn to use it when you retire in Costa Rica. (That’s why we’re offering our Healthcare Tour which you can read about below.)

Recently, Paul has an appointment at Hospital San Rafael in Alajuela for a CT scan. We were impressed with the facilities, the equipment and the staff. Luckily, we were allowed to shoot some video to show you what it was like:


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