May 11 2013

Protect Your Property Title in Costa Rica

by Bob Gieser

My name is Bob and I have owned land in Heredia since 1991. In 2009, I lost that title and the land that goes with it through the fraudulent work of a Costa Rican Attorney and Notary. Let me summarize how it happened and how you might be able to protect your property from the same type of thievery. When I was in the USA, a unnamed attorney/notario contrived a fictitious Bill of Sale for the land and filed and recorded it with the Registro Nacional.

A short time later it came to my attention that the new owner was visiting my property telling people it was his new land. Records were discovered that revealed the property was fictitiously sold to a S.A. corporation, mortgaged and sold again, all within a short period of time.

The case is still pending in criminal court, but there is a solution to help prevent this type of activity from happening again to an unknown, unwilling party in Costa Rica.

Your legal counsel can be dispatched to the Registro Nacional and put a hold on the changing document if it is not correct, thereby stopping the change of title.

For a small additional fee the company’s legal counsel can block the document from changing title if the client has no attorney who can complete this procedure in a timely fashion. For further information in English, call Miguel Jimenez, legal counsel for Private Property Security at (506) 223-25273. I hope this will help people from the unscrupulous deeds of just a few but troublesome Costa Rican Notarios.

I have no personal interest in this company, only to the extent that I believe they are doing a great public service while protecting public property. Check it out!!

Note: We at present this information as a public service. We are not affiliated with the above-named company, nor do we endorse them as we have no direct personal experience.

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