Jul 10 2017

Retire for Less Goes to Mexico, Again

If you’ve been reading our newsletter for a while, you know that we have spent a month in Mexico every year for the past four years. This year, we are trying an experiment. We have rented a house in the city of Oaxaca, our favorite town in Mexico, for about five months. Every since Paul attended University in Mexico, he has had the dream of living there again for an extended period of time. And me, well, I love it there too.

Costa Rica will remain our home. We love it here and have no intention of moving to Mexico full time. But, how cool would it be to live in two countries (and neither of them are the U.S.)! Oaxaca is known for it’s incredible cuisine, indigenous crafts, art, music, and dance. Costa Rica is known for it’s spectacular physical beauty and it’s warm people. This gives us the best of both worlds.

It’s a big step. Since we don’t own a home in either country, we are basically setting up a household in each. We are keeping our apartment in San Ramon year-round and have rented a three bedroom house in Oaxaca. Friends of ours will be staying in our San Ramon apartment while we are gone and will take care of paying the bills and caring for our cats. They will also have use of our car.

We won’t have a car in Mexico, so we will experience day-to-day life without one, relying on public transportation. But buses, taxis, and collectivos are readily available and inexpensive.

We will continue to track our expenses both here in Costa Rica and in Mexico and will report them on a monthly basis, as usual. And while we are in Mexico, we will continue our monthly Retire for Less in Costa Rica newsletter. We have many helpful articles planned, including such topics as banking in Costa Rica, and end of life topics like death, burial, cremation, and body donation. So stay tuned!

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