Jun 11 2012

Simplicity – A Shower in Costa Rica

Okay, okay, it rains a lot in Costa Rica! In the rainy season, many areas get well over 100 inches, and a few get over 200 inches per year. But I’m not talking about rain here! I’m referring to another type of shower, usually located in the bathroom.

Why would I write about my shower? Because it’s one of life’s little pleasures, and showers are better here. Showers in Latin America tend to be very large — great for two people (at the same time) and they sometimes seem like little rooms. Our shower, in our small bathroom is no exception. I love it. It’s beautiful, with off-white floor tile, tan tile on the lower walls, and contrasting green walls to the ceiling. Another thing that makes it so special is the large window in the shower. Three feet by two feet, with a great green foliage view of banana plants and the forest beyond. It’s a spectacular view of which I never tire.

Yes, our little cabina – 620 sf. under roof – has a very large shower and we love it. If this is simplicity, may it last forever.

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