Feb 24 2012

Simplicity – What is It?

The dictionary defines simplicity as “absence of complications” or “easiness.” My wife, Gloria, thinks that part of simplicity is not being a conspicuous consumer.  When we moved to Costa Rica, we wanted to simplify, to have an easier life with fewer complications and to live within our means.  But you can do much of this anywhere, even in the United States, and we did.

Many people, in an effort to simplify, might move to a smaller town or to rural America, while we chose to move to Costa Rica.  We were never conspicuous consumers and lived within our means, but we wanted other things too: a better climate (we’re from Baltimore, Maryland), a lower cost of living, incredible natural beauty, and a healthcare system that would not rob us of our life savings; a place with warm, friendly people and, of course, monkeys and lots of other wildlife.  We also wanted a sense of adventure in our lives.

What makes it so difficult to simplify in the U.S. is the bombardment of media – tv, radio, and junk mail.  All these have a way of making you feel “lesser than” if you don’t buy into the dominant consumer culture — a culture that makes you want what you don’t need. The more you acquire, the more money you need to support your lifestyle.

Elaine St. James, in her book Simplify Your Life, states “that the more complex life become, the more people crave simplicity – in their work, relationships, health, finances, and leisure time.”

After having lived in both Mexico and Costa Rica, I know how to simplify your life and if you’ll take the journey with me, I’ll show you how!

If you’re up to “hard-core” simplification, I promise you will:

  • Lose weight
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Gain stamina
  • Save a lot of money
  • Eat better
  • Do less
  • Have more time for family
  • Un-complicate your life
  • Learn to be mentally satisfied with less and enjoy the things that really matter
  • Not allow others to define your existence
  • Become mentally tough

Next month, in “Simplicity-How to Get It,” we’ll talk about how to simplify your life. What we have, you can have too, and we’re going to show you how!!  Remember, you don’t need to “retire in Costa Rica” to do it; you can do it anywhere, even in New York City.

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    • mches56 on February 3, 2013 at 11:16 am


    This article on simplicity has really spoken to me. I have always thought that I needed to simplify my life, but too many things seem out of my control. However, that is soon changing.

    Thanks for writing this article and I hope that over the next year my wife, Debi, and I can move into a more simple life style. We hope to visit Costa Rica this year in May or June in an effort to search for a more simple life. What do you suggest for a visit?


    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your kind words. We are so happy that the article spoke to you. The thing about simplicity is that it is so freeing. It’s amazing how much less we actually need than we think we need. Happy journey to simplifying your lives!
      I think May/June is a great time to visit, especially in the Central Valley. It’s fairly early in the rainy season so the rains usually aren’t too heavy, and everything will have “greened up” by then. Stay in touch and let us know if we can help in any way.

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