Feb 23 2016

A Single Woman’s Budget in Costa Rica: How She Lives on $1260 USD

DebbieBookDebbie Rudd is a facebook friend and author of the new book, Costa Rica Where the Ordinary is Extraordinary: Loving the people and culture of Costa Rica. (Stay tuned for my review of her book in an upcoming newsletter.)

I admire Debbie Rudd. She is a good example of the possibilities of what life can be like for a single woman in Costa Rica. She speaks Spanish, doesn’t have a car, and lives on a smaller budget that we do. And she was nice enough to share her budget for the month of January. You can tell a lot about her life by the way she spends her money and time.

Debbie’s total monthly income is $1276.87 (USD):

  • Social Security: $160.00
  • PERA (Teacher Retirement): $1,116.87

Here’s Debbie’s budget breakdown for January totaling $1259.82 (USD):

  • Personal Expenses:
    • Rent (3BR, 1 Bath, Tico house): $400.00
    • Electric: $23.54
    • Water: $10.01
    • Internet: $23.63
    • No TV: $0
    • (Our Spanish class was on a break all month but would normally be $40-not included here in total!)
    • Cell phone recharge: $9.29
    • Taxi/Gas for friend: $8.64
    • No Car (use free bus pass for residents over 65 daily!): $0
    • Food, Toiletries, paper products, etc.: $218.05
    • Dog food for two dogs: $30.00
    • PO Box rental for year: $27.86
    • Caja through ARCR: $86.00
    • Other Medical (pills I don’t get through Caja): $25.07
    • Eating out: $27.91
    • Clothes: $39.37
    • Misc (paint, brushes, etc): $11.50
    • Repairs: $27.86
  • Donations for the Homeless
    • Food
    • Shoes
    • Medical Supplies
    • School supplies, backpacks- for the poor/homeless
  • Other Expenses – $89.50

Thanks Debbie, for sharing your budget with our readers.

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