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Nov 25 2018

So, a Ham and a Clown are on a Bus…

When we are in Mexico, we don’t have a car. Buses and cabs are plentiful and inexpensive. You never know what you will see on a bus — indigenous women with native dress and braided hair, a guy with a guitar playing and singing for tips, an evangelist preaching the gospel, or even a clown. …

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Jun 19 2018

A Walk Around Our Neighborhood (Video)

Come for a walk with us around our neighborhood in San Ramón de Alajuela and get a glimpse what it’s like to live in a Costa Rica coffee town. Related Articles: Integration 101: Being Bien Educado Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Shop at Ropa Americana Jackson’s Care – A Cost …

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Dec 30 2017

Integration – The Path to New Adventures

Updated 12/30/17 When you move to a foreign country, many things will be different than in your home country. The people may speak a different language, their customs and food won’t be the same as back home. They may look different, and the way they do things might not make sense to you. You may …

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May 29 2017

In the Mailbag – Tracking Living Expenses, Grocery Expense Breakdown, and “Being Gringoed”

We always get lots of responses and questions from readers, both newsletter subscribers and on Facebook. Lately we’ve had a couple of readers ask about how we track our expenses. Les M. writes: Hi Gloria and Paul! We’ve never met but I’ve enjoyed your postings for quite awhile. I’ve been in Costa Rica since December …

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Apr 17 2017

Renewing Our Costa Rica Drivers Licenses: A Time-Saving Tip

We just renewed our Costa Rica drivers licenses for six more years. We’ve been in Costa Rica for eight years. It cost us 22,000 colones each for the renewal: 5,000 for the dictamen médico and 17,000 colones for the license renewal fee. Our drivers licenses were due to expire on May 5, 2017. We were …

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Apr 02 2017

Sunday in the Park: San Ramon’s New Children’s Playground

Sunday in the Park: San Ramon’s New Children’s Playground  

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Feb 14 2017

What’s Up with the Yeatmans–January 23, 2017

It’s been over a month since you’ve heard from us. That’s so not normal! But we’ve had a lot going on. Last newsletter we told you all about our month-long trip to Mexico and our, therefore, low October spending in Costa Rica. We made up for that in November and December as we prepared to move …

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Nov 27 2016

What’s Up with the Yeatmans-November 2016

It’s been a a few weeks since you’ve heard from us. Our last newsletter was the 28th of October, while we were still in Mexico. Our lives have been a whirlwind since then. We came home to Costa Rica on November 3rd, then left again a few days later, this time for Las Vegas. We …

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May 24 2016

The Yearly Invasion of the Abejones

They’re here. They came right on schedule this year, the abejones. In the States they are known as June bugs, but here in Costa Rica they arrive in May. We saw the first ones the end of April, just after the first rain of the season. The rain softens the earth so they are able …

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May 02 2016

Significant Earthquakes in Costa Rica Over the Last 100 Years

According to a CNN article today, “the death toll from Ecuador’s magnitude-7.8 earthquake climbed to 654 Saturday evening, according to the country’s Risk Management Office. The agency also reported that 58 people remain missing since the April 16 quake and 12,492 are injured. It also announced that almost 26,091 people remain in shelters.” We have friends …

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