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Apr 02 2017

Sunday in the Park: San Ramon’s New Children’s Playground

Sunday in the Park: San Ramon’s New Children’s Playground  

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Feb 14 2017

What’s Up with the Yeatmans–January 23, 2017

It’s been over a month since you’ve heard from us. That’s so not normal! But we’ve had a lot going on. Last newsletter we told you all about our month-long trip to Mexico and our, therefore, low October spending in Costa Rica. We made up for that in November and December as we prepared to move …

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Nov 27 2016

What’s Up with the Yeatmans-November 2016

It’s been a a few weeks since you’ve heard from us. Our last newsletter was the 28th of October, while we were still in Mexico. Our lives have been a whirlwind since then. We came home to Costa Rica on November 3rd, then left again a few days later, this time for Las Vegas. We …

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May 24 2016

The Yearly Invasion of the Abejones

They’re here. They came right on schedule this year, the abejones. In the States they are known as June bugs, but here in Costa Rica they arrive in May. We saw the first ones the end of April, just after the first rain of the season. The rain softens the earth so they are able …

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May 02 2016

Significant Earthquakes in Costa Rica Over the Last 100 Years

According to a CNN article today, “the death toll from Ecuador’s magnitude-7.8 earthquake climbed to 654 Saturday evening, according to the country’s Risk Management Office. The agency also reported that 58 people remain missing since the April 16 quake and 12,492 are injured. It also announced that almost 26,091 people remain in shelters.” We have friends …

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Mar 12 2016

Livin’ Large in Costa Rica, by Mike Peace

We met Mike and Mary Peace in January of 2008, over 8 years ago, when we all took George Lundquist’s “Retire on Social Security Tour.” Since then, Mike and Mary have visited us several times on their trips to Costa Rica. On the last visit, Mike performed his new song, “Livin’ Large in Costa Rica,” for …

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Mar 01 2016

Snapshots of Life in Costa Rica

This is a new little feature with photos that show different aspects of life in Costa Rica. Most of them will be our own photos but if you have one you would like to share, send it our way. Wind, Clouds, and Sunsets – January/February 2016 Costa Rica has its first bus stop made of …

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Feb 23 2016

Beach Day January 2016

Playa Dona Ana

We had our first beach day of the 2016 season at Playa Doña Ana, near Puntarenas. 22 of our friends and neighbors came, as well as lots of Tico families enjoying the kids’ summer vacation from school. The beach has secure parking (1,000 colones per car), picnic tables, BBQ grills available, bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms, lots …

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Mar 29 2015

In the Mailbag: Shopping for “New” Clothes and Buying a Car: Yes or No?

Our newsletters and posts generate lots of discussion, on our website, in emails, and on facebook. Here’s a glimpse into our mailbag. Shopping for “New” Clothes In response to my recent report of a shopping spree at Ropa Americana in our February 6th newsletter, and our “Money Saving Tip” to buy your clothes there, Lynn …

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Feb 27 2015

From the Peace Corps to Retirement in Costa Rica, by Steve Johnson

by Steve Johnson Hi Guys. I’m the new weather reporter from San Rafael de Heredia, (actually, Concepcion de San Rafael), which, given the microclimates here, is practically on another planet. My story about retiring here is a bit unusual, and I thought some of you might be interested. Retiring to Costa Rica was the fulfillment …

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