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Jan 05 2012

A Christmas Tradition – Tamale Day at the Cabinas

Tamale Day at the Cabinas An important Christmas tradition in Costa Rica, as in many other Latin American countries, is making tamales. Usually whole families get together for the time- and labor-intensive process. Here at the Cabinas was no different as our “family” of residents and staff got together for the 2nd Annual Tamale Day. …

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Dec 18 2011

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: The Gold Card-Don’t Leave Home Without It!

In Costa Rica, everywhere you go, Ciudadanos de Oro (golden citizens) are given special treatment. If you are over 65 years old and a legal resident of Costa Rica, you qualify to receive the “Gold Card.” In 1997, Costa Rica established the Ciudadanos de Oro Program to create a culture of dignity and respect for …

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Nov 15 2011

Things We Love – Living Outside

One of the biggest reasons we came to Costa Rica was to “live outside.” This meant no need for air-conditioning or heat.  We lived in Baltimore, Maryland before moving here and had high heating and air conditioning bills (over $300 per month).  But it wasn’t just the expense – Gloria wanted to enjoy the outdoors.  …

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Nov 15 2011

Our Retire for Less in Costa Rica Philosophy

What is the Retire for Less Philosophy? Sometimes we tell people that we live the “retire for less lifestyle,” or perhaps we notice that others are also living in a similar way. So what exactly is it? Conserve, simplify, enjoy. These three words sum up the Retire for Less Philosophy or lifestyle. We believe one can: …

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Nov 02 2011

Less is More

Less is more. Last month when we published the Retire for Less  lifestyle philosophy on our mid-month News Flash, we said that it was a “living document” — kind of like the U.S. Constitution and just as important 😎 — and could be amended or added to at any time as we, “the framers,” saw …

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Oct 12 2011

Gringos in the Mist

The rainy season is upon us in full force.  It’s 10:00 a.m. and, for the third day in a row, we are surrounded by mist and drenched with rain.  The photo to the right is the view out of our front door right now. We’ve learned to appreciate the rainy season though.  If it wasn’t for …

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Sep 07 2011

Video – Do I HAVE to learn Spanish??

So, you’ve decided to retire in Costa Rica. Do you HAVE to learn to speak Spanish?? Watch our video to learn the answer!

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Sep 06 2011

In Gratitude

Some days it’s almost too much for me…I think about our life here in Costa Rica and the gratitude just bubbles up and overflows.  I love our life here. We have made some wonderful friends and have found the sense of community we always craved. What has brought it home for me this time is …

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Aug 26 2011

Fiestas patronales de San Ramón 2011

TRANSLATED FROM ORIGINAL ARTICLE POSTED BY ELOCCIDENTE ON AUGUST 16, 2011 by Alexis Castro San Ramón hopes to celebrate in style during the feast. Program begins with 16 religious activities, but sales of local foods and concerts begin from August 26 and end on September 4. A week full of cultural education and cultural activities …

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Aug 09 2011

Following the Beat of Our Own Drummer

We came to Costa Rica for many reasons. But we also didn’t come for lots of reasons as well. We weren’t running away from family, debt, or jobs we hated.  We had jobs we liked, a great house with a fixed mortgage that we were able to pay, savings in the bank, and zero credit …

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