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Sep 26 2014

Our Caja Experience, by Norman and Frankie Siegel

by Norman and Frankie Siegel We recently met Norman and Frankie in Alajuela when we were having lunch at Jalapeños Restaurant, a favorite with both expats and Ticos. They recognized us from photos on our website and introduced themselves. They arrived in Costa Rica just this year, quickly applied for residency and joined the Caja. They agreed …

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Sep 26 2014

Costa Rica’s Caja: How it Works

Many people ask us about the Caja because we know it so well. We know it well because we use it extensively. Gloria had surgery in the Caja, and I’ve had a multitude of procedures done within the Caja. Additionally, we use our local clinic (EBAIS) for our basic, everyday health concerns. Consequently, we know …

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Aug 28 2014

Questions and Answers: Getting Residency in Costa Rica and Joining the Caja

Answer updated 9/9/16 Hi Paul and Gloria, I have a couple of what I think are simple questions I can’t find answers to. What do you do for insurance until you become a permanent resident? Can you get CAJA with a tourist or temporary resident visa? When do you apply for temporary residency? Can you renew a …

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Aug 06 2014

Our Ultimate Healthcare Tour of Costa Rica

We are proud to offer the Ultimate Healthcare Tour of Costa Rica. When asked what he liked best about our healthcare tour, one of our guests wrote, “the wide variety of places we saw, the experts that Paul arranged for us to meet and talk with, and an emphasis on all aspects of health, not just doctors and hospitals. Mental health is …

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Jun 05 2014

Questions and Answers: Healthcare and Banking

If you are thinking about moving to Costa Rica (or anywhere unfamiliar, for that matter), you have lots of questions and are searching for the answers. We get a lot of questions here at Retire for Less in Costa Rica, and often, we get the same questions more than once. Here are this month’s questions: Greg …

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Jun 02 2014

Integration 102 – Speaking Up at the Hospital

Today I went to the hospital in San Ramon to make an appointment for an ultrasound. I just had a urology appointment the other day and the doctor wants to see me again. I had to wait 30 minutes to schedule the appointment. There were about 8 other people waiting with me to schedule appointments. …

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Jun 02 2014

Paul Gets a CT Scan Through the Caja

For our healthcare needs, our first stop is always the Caja, Costa Rica’s public healthcare system. We’ve learned how to use it, both in our town of San Ramón and beyond, when the need arises for more advanced or specialized care. If you’ve read our website for a while, you know that we have paid …

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May 08 2014

In the Mailbag – May 8, 2014

  In the Mailbag Here’s one of the many responses we received to Gloria’s article “Home Again…Again — How We Celebrated Our Five Year Anniversary of Living in Costa Rica” about returning to Baltimore, selling our house, and dealing with all of our “stuff.” I really enjoyed this issue’s article about returning home. It resonated with us …

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May 07 2014

Travel with Confidence When You Purchase Travel Insurance

For our recent two-week trip to the U.S., we opted to purchase travel insurance when we were buying our airline tickets on American Airlines. Shortly thereafter, we received a policy from Allianz Travel Insurance which outlined our coverage and confirming the prices we paid — all of $61.10 for both of us. Here is what our …

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Dec 03 2013

Healthcare Expenses – A Budget Breakdown

costa rica cost of living

 (Updated August 23, 2015) Our normal monthly healthcare expenses in Costa Rica are about $170.60. Our monthly average for the year 2014 was $148.69 and the previous year, 2013, it was $157.49. Naturally, a large part of this amount is our monthly CCSS (Caja) health insurance. Here’s how our healthcare expenses break down: Caja: $57.73 for both …

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