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Jan 24 2013

Reflections on Five Years Living in Costa Rica

by Connie Sandlin After visiting Costa Rica several times since 2006, Connie and Dick Sandlin made the move to try living here for 2 ½ months in mid-May 2008…and they never looked back. The March before their move, they wrote an email to family and friends to share their big news. Now, nearly 5 years later, …

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Jan 24 2013

MythBusters: What’s it REALLY Like to Live in Costa Rica??

by Tom Duffy The Duffys currently live in Chantilly, Virginia, in the U.S. and are planning their move to Costa Rica in the near future. When Dina and I starting researching moving to Costa Rica we found many conflicting opinions and comments about living in Costa Rica.  In the past year we have taken two …

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Jan 12 2013

Update: America’s No Place to Get Old In

Last month, Paul wrote about my comment several years ago that “America is no place to get old in.” In that article, he stated, “Costa Rica, on the other hand, is a great place to get old in. And for all the right reasons — civility, caring, respect, and relatively inexpensive health care.” We see …

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Dec 22 2012

Off to New Adventures Aboard “Dragon’s Wing”

by Gail Sommers My husband, Paul, is settling into “boat mode,” as we get ready to leave Costa Rica. Obsessively checking weather reports for crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, ordering parts for items that need to be taken care of when Paul returns to Florida to do minor boat repairs, it’s all very …

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Dec 04 2012

What Do the Happiest Expats Have in Common?

What Do the Happiest Expats Have in Common? By Jennifer Stevens, for International Living Postcards (used with permission) It doesn’t matter where they came from or what they did back home—teacher, entrepreneur, dentist, secretary, taxi driver, journalist—the happiest expats we meet overseas have one thing in common: They brought their sense of adventure with them.I’m not …

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Dec 04 2012

America is No Place to Get Old In

“America is no place to get old in.” Gloria uttered these words over five years ago. And this would evolve into one of the main reasons we decided to retire overseas, specifically, Costa Rica. There were other reasons to be sure, but “America’s no place to get old in” got us started and is related …

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Nov 30 2012

Costa Rica Isn’t for Everyone?

(Updated October 27, 2015) Jackie, one of our readers wrote, “I have read in your newsletter that Costa Rica is not for everyone. (Others) say the same thing… My question is, just what is it about Costa Rica that is not for everyone? In your opinion, other than the language difference, what are the three …

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Oct 20 2012

Explore Costa Rica and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

We’re taking Spanish language lessons again, this time in Heredia at CPI: Centro Panamericano de Idiomas. We’re in class together for 4 hours every week and we’re loving it. It’s a big commitment, but one we think will pay off many times over. We’ve gone to class for two weeks already and I’ll bet CPI …

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Oct 13 2012

CPI Immersion Spanish School – Choose the Best!

Paul and I decided that, though we can usually “get by” with our current levels of Spanish, it was time for some more intensive lessons, so we went to visit CPI on the recommendation of a friend who went there many years ago.  We were really impressed with the lovely campus, the well-rounded programs they …

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Sep 03 2012

Should You Prepare Your Own Expat Tax Return?

Taxes have been on my mind lately. We filed an extension to the original deadline so for us, the deadline to file our U.S. Income Tax for 2011 is October 15th.  We came across the website for Taxes for Expats which has a lot of helpful articles and decided to share some with you in …

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