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Jun 11 2019

Our Moving to Costa Rica Timeline: All the Steps Along the Way, by Rob Evans

I hate to see people struggling with how to move to Costa Rica. It is not that hard but can be overwhelming at first, so I hope our timeline will be a helpful guide for you – either to follow our steps or to use as a template to forge your own way. Five years …

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Jan 13 2018

La Puerta del Cielo Cabins in San Ramon, Costa Rica

La Puerta del Cielo, is a small and quiet gated community with only 6 new houses located at Calle Valverde in San Ramon, Costa Rica. The cabins have amazing views, the sound of a nearby waterfall, and lots of birds to enjoy. They are fully furnished, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, granite counter tops and kitchen …

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Sep 30 2017

Searching the World for the Best Place to Retire: One Couple’s Criteria

Last year, while shopping in our local organic produce market, I met Joan and Dan who were visiting Costa Rica for a few months and had recently moved to San Ramón. We struck up a conversation and the four of us became fast friends. Dan and Joan have since returned to their home in Ohio …

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Feb 27 2017

What’s Up with the Yeatmans? Moving, Shopping, and Buying

We will tell you all about what everything cost to equip our new unfurnished apartment in downtown San Ramón de Alajuela, Costa Rica in our “January cost of living” article. But the process of shopping and buying what we needed has been a learning adventure, to say the least. First of all, when you rent an unfurnished …

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Nov 24 2014

Book Review: “Costa Rica Chica”

Are you stressed out? Does your future look like more of the same? Then the new book, Costa Rica Chica, may be for you. It’s the true story of Jen and Greg Seymour, a young (40’s) stressed-out couple living in Dallas, Texas and the decisions they made to bring them to a new, simpler life …

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Jun 05 2014

Adventures in Shipping: Transporting 13 Boxes to Costa Rica (AKA: Our Big Move – Part IV)

When we originally moved from Baltimore to Costa Rica five years ago, we came with eight checked suitcases and four carry-ons (including our cat, Cleo). We weren’t ready to ship, nor were we ready to sell our house. So, for five years we rented our house in Baltimore to a series of upwardly-mobile couples and …

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May 07 2014

Our March 2014 Costa Rica Cost of Living and Relocation Expenses

costa rica cost of living

If you read our last newsletter, you know that we traveled back to the U.S. to finally sell our house and deal with all of the “stuff” we had stored in the basement for the last five years. Therefore, our expenses for March are broken down into our Costa Rica living expenses and our expenses …

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Apr 21 2014

Home Again…Again – How We Celebrated Our Five Year Anniversary of Living in Costa Rica

March 22, 2014 – We’re back in Baltimore for two weeks after five years of living in Costa Rica. We’re back in our old house, with most of our old things around us. And we’re saying hello to many friends and family members whom we haven’t seen in years. It’s different, this time in Baltimore. …

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Jan 25 2014

Bringing Your Dog or Cat to Costa Rica

This is the most popular time of year for folks to visit Costa Rica, especially those experiencing the “polar vortex” up north. And many people wouldn’t think about traveling without their pets. Here’s a good place to start to find out what you need to know to bring your dog or cat into Costa Rica. …

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Dec 27 2013

What’s Past is Past: Choosing Happiness in Costa Rica

by Ana Rodriguez Del Valle, written March 17, 2013 It has been one year since I moved to “paradise.” For a long time before we came to Costa Rica, it was pretty much all my husband and I could talk about. In the States I complained about the traffic, the long commute to work and back, …

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