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Aug 09 2011

Following the Beat of Our Own Drummer

We came to Costa Rica for many reasons. But we also didn’t come for lots of reasons as well. We weren’t running away from family, debt, or jobs we hated.  We had jobs we liked, a great house with a fixed mortgage that we were able to pay, savings in the bank, and zero credit …

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Apr 25 2011

Moving to Costa Rica – What do you wish you brought?

Recently (well, okay, it was a while ago), I asked some of the local Gringos here in San Ramon two questions:  “What do you wish you brought/shipped to Costa Rica that you didn’t?” and “When visitors come, what do you ask them to bring you that you can’t get here?”  Do you want to guess the …

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Apr 23 2011

El Castillo de Relajamiento Cabinas in Beautiful San Ramon, Costa Rica

This is where Paul and I lived for our first four years in Costa Rica. If you will be visiting the Central Valley and are looking for a great place to stay with more features than a standard hotel room, this is the place!  Each picturesque cabin is approximately 550 sq ft (51 sq m), …

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Jul 29 2009

Our Big Move – Part III

So much has happened since the last time we wrote! We are much more settled into our new lives in Costa Rica.  Five weeks ago we had no phone, no Internet, no car, and no TV.  All of that has changed. Our cell phone & phone line finally came through, though we will only use …

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Jun 29 2009

Our Big Move – Part II

Friday, April 3, 2009 These first days in our adopted home of Costa Rica have been both relaxing and challenging. Paul and I were completely exhausted after the frantic pace of packing, throwing away, giving away, and recycling just prior to our travel on April 1st.  Our first night here, we slept about 11 hours, …

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Jun 20 2009

Our Big Move – Part I

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything about our goal to retire in Costa Rica.  But I am excited to say that we have made the move!! My desire was to write daily during the month of March to chronicle the preparations and big move, but there was no time…I mean NO TIME.  …

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