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Jul 20 2019

Our May 2019 Costa Rica Cost of Living

May was not a typical month for us in any way. Our cat, Tori, became ill and our lives became centered around her for much of the month. That’s one of the reasons our expenses were so much higher than normal. Another reason is that Paul had some dental work done. Here’s the breakdown: Transportation …

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Aug 02 2016

In the Mailbag: Consumer Spending, Healthcare, & Pet Transport

After our big annual cost of living issue (Our Annual Cost of Living in Costa Rica Issue for 2015), we got lots of responses and questions from readers. Here are a few: Marc D. wrote: YOUR BEST NEWSLETTER WORK YET! Thank you Paul and Gloria … keep it coming! So much empathy with this consumer spending …

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Jan 25 2014

Bringing Your Dog or Cat to Costa Rica

This is the most popular time of year for folks to visit Costa Rica, especially those experiencing the “polar vortex” up north. And many people wouldn’t think about traveling without their pets. Here’s a good place to start to find out what you need to know to bring your dog or cat into Costa Rica. …

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Apr 05 2012

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Visiting the Veterinarian

A lot of Expats in Costa Rica have pets, and sometimes we need to take them to a veterinarian. In Costa Rica, the vet is a big money-saver when compared to the U.S. We’ve had cats in the States, and we always dreaded vet visits because they cost so much and were sometimes unexpected. The …

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