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May 23 2011

Community Action Alliance Costa Rica

One of the things I learned was important to me was the sense of community I experience living here.  About four months after moving to Costa Rica, we starting attending monthly “mixers” of a newly formed group made up of mostly gringos here in San Ramon.  The idea was to learn from each other, sharing …

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Apr 09 2011

Visual Link Spanish

We never hesitate to recommend Visual Link Spanish to anyone who is interested in learning to speak Spanish.  It’s fun, interactive, and well designed.  And you can “try it before you buy it” with the 11 free lessons they offer.  Just click here for more information.

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Apr 01 2011

“Habla español?” You bet I do!

Two and a half years ago, we were planning our move to Costa Rica and I spoke almost no Spanish. I knew that I wanted to learn, that my days would be fuller if I could communicate in the language of the land. So I looked at my options and selected Visual Link Spanish. I …

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Dec 31 2009

Our First Holiday Season in Costa Rica

It’s New Year’s Eve — ¡Próspero Año Nuevo to all! — and I have a few hours of quiet time.  The cats are outside being cats.  Paul is in town buying some rope to hang our new hammock and some ground beef for the meatballs I will make later today.  We are going to a …

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Aug 21 2008

Costa Rican Secrets to a Long Life

Where do people live the longest?  So far, researchers have identified four places, which they call “Blue Zones,” and one of them is on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.  In a recent AARP magazine (see below), I read about a group of villages there where an inordinate number of people live to 100 years …

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May 26 2008

Beautiful Costa Rica

I’ve only seen a small portion of Costa Rica so far, but already I know that it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I’ve stood on the side of a mountain at 4,000 feet and looked out at the Nicoya Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean beyond. I’ve sat on the porch of …

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