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Jul 08 2015

Why retire outside of the U.S.?

(Originally written May 2008 & updated July 2015) It all started with a comment I made to my husband, Paul, one afternoon. I said, “You know, I kind of envy you for all of the adventures you’ve had.” Paul lived in Mexico for three years while he was attending college at the University of the …

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Aug 28 2014

Monkey Rescue Misadventures: Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

The Mission “Retirement” in Costa Rica — you just never know what each day will bring. Our adventure started with a phone call from MINAE (Costa Rica’s Ministry of the Environment and Energy) to Spider Monkey R & R (Rehabilitation and Release). They planned a raid in the morning to confiscate a 3-year-old spider monkey and …

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Mar 14 2014

Adventures of a Monkey Mama in Costa Rica

I sit here at the computer with a baby howler monkey on my head. I’m at Howler Monkey/Spider Monkey R&R, monkey-sitting, while their full-time Monkey Mama Michele and Papa Paul are visiting family in the U.S. It’s just me, baby howler Machito (the one on my head), “little girl” howlers Marisol and Millette, “older girl” …

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Jan 09 2014

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

It’s a beautiful day at Spider Monkey/Howler Monkey R&R. I am “monkey sitting” this afternoon for three sweet little howlers, or “Congos” as they are called in Costa Rica. Also present are two spider monkeys, Lolita and Chiquito, and two dogs, Magdalena and Tequila. But it’s the three baby howlers I interact with the most. …

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Apr 21 2013

Reinventing Yourself in Retirement

(Updated October 28, 2015) A couple of years ago, we received an email from Rob, who was considering the idea of retiring in Costa Rica. He wrote, “After the finances, my biggest worry is how I will spend my time.  I have read about male expats who spend a lot of time at the bar because they …

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Dec 22 2012

Off to New Adventures Aboard “Dragon’s Wing”

by Gail Sommers My husband, Paul, is settling into “boat mode,” as we get ready to leave Costa Rica. Obsessively checking weather reports for crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, ordering parts for items that need to be taken care of when Paul returns to Florida to do minor boat repairs, it’s all very …

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Dec 04 2012

What Do the Happiest Expats Have in Common?

What Do the Happiest Expats Have in Common? By Jennifer Stevens, for International Living Postcards (used with permission) It doesn’t matter where they came from or what they did back home—teacher, entrepreneur, dentist, secretary, taxi driver, journalist—the happiest expats we meet overseas have one thing in common: They brought their sense of adventure with them.I’m not …

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Dec 04 2012

The Bunkers’ Road to Costa Rica

  by Tom Bunker My name is Tom Bunker and I was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1948. I met and married Marcia there in 1973. She was born at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi and had moved around a lot because her father was a career Army officer. A veteran of WWII and …

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Oct 20 2012

Costa Rica Snow-Birds with a Twist – Aboard the “Dragon’s Wing”

Most “snow-birds” come to Costa Rica during the dry season (normally December through April) and go back home during the rainy season (normally May through November). But Gayle and Paul Sommers have a unique twist on the concept. Read about it below. We have been sailing for most of our married life and have owned …

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Jul 04 2012

Monkey Love and Monkey Yoga

Ever been hugged by a spider monkey? I have, and it was an incredible experience. For our friends, Michele and Paul Gawenka, it’s an every-day occurrence. Recently retired to Costa Rica from the U.S. and with all of the required permits, they started a primate rehabilitation center six months ago, fulfilling a life-long dream for …

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