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Aug 21 2012

Why We Chose Costa Rica

Why We Chose Costa Rica People often ask, “Why did you choose Costa Rica?” In answer, we often cite the following: Stable democracy since 1821 (this may be the biggest factor of all). The people are warm and welcoming. Can drink water in 95% of the country. In some countries, like Mexico, it’s bottled water all …

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Aug 21 2012

Why We Chose Nuevo Arenal

Why We Chose Nuevo Arenal by Janet Bradshaw My husband Scott and I visited Costa Rica for the first time in 2000 and instantly fell in love with the lush, tropical vegetation, breathtaking natural features (rivers, waterfalls, and volcanoes) and tremendous biodiversity.  After several more visits in subsequent years, we thought we might consider retiring …

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Aug 06 2012

My Visit With The Yeatmans

by Joe Tursi, Heredia City If you ever contemplate moving to Costa Rica for whatever reason you will soon find that there are many ex-pats living here who are self-proclaimed experts about all things Costa Rican! Some of these people know what they are talking about but many do not and are simply passing along …

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Jul 04 2012

Why I Chose to Live in Heredia City, by Joe Tursi

I first came to Costa Rica in 1995 to do something different. I had enrolled to study Spanish for a month at CPI Language School in San Joaquin de Flores, on the outskirts of the city of Heredia.  My Tico “father” (I was in a home-stay/school situation as part of the language program) would go …

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Jun 18 2012

Book Review: Butterfly in the City, by Jo Stuart

Butterfly in the City by Jo Stuart is one of the best books I’ve read on Costa Rica. As the name implies, she is the “butterfly” and the city is San Jose, Costa Rica. Most other books on Costa Rica are guide books about its natural beauty – waterfalls, beaches, flora and fauna – with …

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Mar 16 2012

DIMEX, What is it? And Why Should It Matter To Me?

After our recent articles about our bank, Coopenae, & their 11.75% 12 month CD, more inquiries came in regarding investing here in Costa Rica. In the articles, we tried to address investors fears by answering questions about Coopenae , but in the process left out the fact that, in addition to being a legal resident, …

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Nov 15 2011

The 10 Reasons Why We Chose San Ramon de Alajuela

People always ask us why we moved to San Ramon de Alajuela as opposed to other, possibly more popular, locations in Costa Rica. Our interest in San Ramon actually began before our first visit, just from doing research on the Internet and in the books we read. It was reinforced when we visited this westernmost …

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Nov 15 2011

Our Retire for Less in Costa Rica Philosophy

What is the Retire for Less Philosophy? Sometimes we tell people that we live the “retire for less lifestyle,” or perhaps we notice that others are also living in a similar way. So what exactly is it? Conserve, simplify, enjoy. These three words sum up the Retire for Less Philosophy or lifestyle. We believe one can: …

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Aug 09 2011

A Real No-Brainer, by George B. Hudson

When my wife Gail and I decided to retire we were faced with some important questions to answer. First of all, where would the retirement money come from other than our small amount of Social Security, and how could we make such a small amount go far enough for us that we could actually enjoy …

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May 23 2011

Update on Our Cost of Living in Costa Rica

Instead of trying to explain the cost of living hypothetically, I thought I would instead explain our cost of living as it actually is for us. At this point, we have been in Costa Rica a little more than two years, and living/renting in “the cabinas” for two full years, so we have a pretty …

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