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Feb 08 2009

To Ship or Not to Ship?

To Ship or Not to Ship? by Arden Rembert Brink Magallanes (San Ramon), Costa Rica The whole question of whether or not to bring your belongings or your car is probably one of the most hotly debated among to-be-expats. And there certainly is no single right answer. For some folks, the idea of starting fresh …

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Jan 04 2009

Rent, and Slow Down the Process

We at Retire for Less in Costa Rica would advise everyone to rent for one year, six months, or even just one month before buying any property. We know it’s tempting to buy when you are on a tour, or just going around the country looking for places to live. It’s so alluring, this beautiful …

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Aug 31 2008

Is your retirement on hold?

With both stock prices and real estate values declining, more and more baby boomers approaching retirement age are finding out that their savings aren’t adequate for them to stop working.  Add to that the high cost of health care, and the fear of a serious illness wiping out everything, many sixty-somethings are returning to the …

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Aug 21 2008

Costa Rican Secrets to a Long Life

Where do people live the longest?  So far, researchers have identified four places, which they call “Blue Zones,” and one of them is on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.  In a recent AARP magazine (see below), I read about a group of villages there where an inordinate number of people live to 100 years …

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Aug 18 2008

Let me be frank…

Let me be frank about some other reasons I want to retire in Costa Rica.  I am disillusioned and disappointed in the American dream. When I was a teenager just beginning to work my first job as a cashier in a grocery store, I remember my father saying, “Do the right things, work hard, get …

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Jul 30 2008

Costa Rica Isn’t for Everyone

Costa Rica isn’t for everyone. When we tell people that we plan to be living in Costa Rica within the year, half of them think we’re crazy. They would miss the mega-malls, the multiplex cinemas, and the Starbucks on every corner. They think of Costa Rica as a third world country, plagued by poverty, and …

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Jul 15 2008

Applying for Residency in Costa Rica as Pensionados

Paperwork for Application for Pensioner Residency Status in Costa Rica By Louise Wittman, San Ramon de Alajuela My husband and I moved to San Ramon in September 2007, we completed our immigration application in the US in July 2007. We are working with a competent immigration attorney and while all our processing is completed, we …

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Jul 14 2008

Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security!

George Lundquist’s tour, “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security” was terrific! My wife and I often say, “It’s the best money we ever spent!” Before making the decision to take his tour in January, we saw a video of George describing the reaction of previous tour guests. He said that once they visit Costa …

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May 10 2008

Book Review: Choose Costa Rica for Retirement

It all didn’t start with this book, but rather Choose Mexico for Retirement. I went to college in Mexico, graduating in 1977, and also spent 16 days there in December 2003/January 2004 on our honeymoon. My first inclination was to retire in Mexico. My wife, Gloria, spent a few days in Costa Rica back in …

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May 10 2008

Why Choose Costa Rica?

So why Costa Rica?  Why not Mexico, or Panama, or right here in the U.S.? There are so many reasons that I’ll continue to write more about it in future posts. First and foremost, we wanted to live in a country where the government was stable. Long called the “Switzerland of the Americas,” Costa Rica …

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