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Aug 07 2016

Study Spanish During Your Costa Rica Vacation: Fun, Language, & Culture in One!

Still looking to book your vacation? As many know, Costa Rica is safe, easily accessible with direct flights from several airports, including European hubs, and only a few hours from Newark, Dallas, Houston, or Miami. Currently more than 10 different airlines are flying daily to Costa Rica:  Southwest, United, American Airlines, Jet Blue, Delta, Alaska …

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Mar 29 2015

Learn “Survival Spanish” With Medical/Healthcare Terms at CPI

Have you ever worried about describing your health issues to caregivers in a Spanish-speaking country like Costa Rica? CPI Spanish Immersion School in Costa Rica Spanish classes for Healthcare Tour CPI offers private Spanish classes with emphasis on survival Spanish (for example: greetings, basic verbs, basic grammar) and medical vocabulary from the patient perspective. CPI offers 3 …

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Aug 28 2014

A Reader Learns Spanish at CPI Language School

If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you know we recommend CPI immersion language school. It’s the school we take lessons at and we think they do a great job. They have three locations in Costa Rica. We go to the Heredia school, but one of our readers spent some time at their …

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Aug 28 2014

In the Mailbag – August 27, 2014

Here’s a sampling of some of the email we’ve received lately. (Note: all mail used with permission.) First, a comment about our article on fighting mold and mildew in the tropics: Howdy Gloria, Just read the latest newsletter article regarding m & m. The remedy regarding the use of lights reminded me of my time …

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Jan 02 2014

Driving—and Learning—in Costa Rica

When I was 16 years old, I learned to drive a car. I went to drivers’ ed at my high school. Mr. Ball, who also taught math, was my drivers ed instructor. I drove the big, white, Ford Galaxie 500 that my father had bought me at the used car lot. It had an automatic …

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Sep 25 2013

Live in Costa Rica? Save up to 25% on Spanish Lessons at CPI

If you’ve been reading our newsletters, you know we’ve been taking Spanish lessons for a while now at CPI Immersion Spanish School in Heredia. After living in Costa Rica for four and a half years, we are still working at learning the Spanish language, poco a poco. And yes, sometimes I feel frustrated. And yes, …

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Jul 15 2013

CPI, For a Great “Spanish” Vacation

Gloria and I were at CPI’s language immersion school last week. While we were there, we noticed some families taking a different kind of vacation. What we saw were three generations traveling together and learning Spanish – kids, parents, and grandparents. It was something they could do together as a family, a kind of cultural vacation. I …

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May 11 2013

10 Ways to Fit In When You Retire in Costa Rica

by Tom Bunker My wife, Marcia, and I have lived in Costa Rica for almost 3 years. We have made many friends and are well-known by most of the community. We moved here from Southern California where our lives were very different. We lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and I can …

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Jan 10 2013

CPI’s New Online Spanish Classes

Though we are on a one-month break from our weekly 4-hour Spanish classes at CPI, we are still committed to our language studies. One way we are doing it is with CPI’s new Online Conversation Class program. In mid-December, we were excited to learn about CPI’s new Virtual Campus which provides students the opportunity to …

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Nov 15 2012

Live and Learn at CPI Immersion Spanish School’s Student Residences

We are continuing our Spanish lessons at CPI, which for us is a one-hour drive each week to San Joaquin de Heredia, for four hours of Spanish immersion. We love our class and have enjoyed our teacher, Kenji, but we will be getting a different instructor as of Monday, November 5th. Part of CPI’s immersion …

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