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Feb 26 2018

Customized Relocation & Retirement Tours

At Retire for Less in Costa Rica, we appreciate your trust in allowing us to help with some of your decision-making. The goal of all our tours is to save you time & money, while showing you the possibilities. We do this in 3 ways: by having you contact & speak with other expats in your …

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Aug 06 2014

Our Ultimate Healthcare Tour of Costa Rica

We are proud to offer the Ultimate Healthcare Tour of Costa Rica. When asked what he liked best about our healthcare tour, one of our guests wrote, “the wide variety of places we saw, the experts that Paul arranged for us to meet and talk with, and an emphasis on all aspects of health, not just doctors and hospitals. Mental health is …

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Feb 10 2013

Meeting You Face-to-Face

In January, we had several opportunities to meet and talk with folks who read our website regularly and it really hit me that we write here makes a difference in people’s lives. So I wanted to start off this month by saying a big “Thank you!” Thank you for reading, thank you for trusting us, …

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Apr 05 2012

An Introduction to Finca Luna Nueva

One of our most interesting trips recently was to Finca Luna Nueva, located in the northern part of the Cantón of San Ramón, about one hour and 45 minutes from where we live. Though things are getting brown here on the Pacific side of the mountain range that runs through the center of the country, …

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Mar 16 2012

Featured Tour: San Lucas Island

San Lucas Island was used as a prison from 1873 to 1991. Modeled after Devil’s Island, it housed Costa Rica’s worst criminals, kind of like Alcatraz with a Papillion twist. The prison is often referred to as “The Island of Lonely Men,” based on the book of the same name (La Isla de Los Hombres …

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Jan 05 2012

A Day Trip to Lovely Zarcero

Featured Article – A Day Trip to Zarcero As you leave San Ramon (elevation 3400’), passing through San Juan towards Zarcero, you immediately start ascending.   Zarcero is a mountain town, elevation 5600’ located about 40 minutes from San Ramon. As you drive up, up, you begin to see some of the most stunning mountain …

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Nov 02 2011

Retire for Less Tour of the Month – Tortuga Island

Probably our favorite tour is the Isla Tortuga tour in the Pacific, just off the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Past tour guests Lorca & Robert also joined us on a Tortuga Island tour and had this to say: “The day trip to Tortuga Island was such a great bargain. Good boat, happy crew, …

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Oct 05 2011

Video Slide Show – San Lucas Island Prison

We went on a San Lucas Island Tour, and it was fascinating! Our friend Parker said it was the best tour she’s been on in Costa Rica! It started with a boat trip through the Mangrove Forests near Puntarenas. We saw huge crocodiles sunning themselves near the water and lots of different birds including my favorite, pelicans. Then we …

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Sep 25 2011

Video – Tortuga Island Boat Trip

Thanks to our friends Earl & Mike for shooting this video and allowing us to post it on our website. This is just one of the tours we offer through Varso Travel.  

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Feb 12 2010

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Hot Springs

Living in the Culture Day Trip: Relax and Rejuvenate at the Hot Springs Go where the Ticos go to spend a day at a hot springs (photos).  Termales del Bosque is a Costa Rican ecological retreat of exceptional beauty and natural attractions.  You can walk the trails through the forest, enjoy the natural aromatic sauna, …

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