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Mar 01 2016

Costa Rica Winds (Video)

Summer in Costa Rica brings many things on the Pacific side of the country — blue skies, day after day of no rain (as opposed to the Caribbean side of the country where it rains year-round), tourists, and snow birds. It also brings the wind. Usually a sign of the change over from the rainy season to the …

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Feb 23 2016

Beach Day January 2016

Playa Dona Ana

We had our first beach day of the 2016 season at Playa Doña Ana, near Puntarenas. 22 of our friends and neighbors came, as well as lots of Tico families enjoying the kids’ summer vacation from school. The beach has secure parking (1,000 colones per car), picnic tables, BBQ grills available, bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms, lots …

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Sep 14 2015

Due Diligence – Our Take on It

We were having a nice lunch at the home of new friends and recent expats to Costa Rica, Janet and Don Morley when the conversation got interesting. “Repeat what you just said,” Don said to Paul, “and this time on camera.” So we talked and Don recorded the following video (and gave us permission to …

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Sep 03 2015

El Nino – What is it?

 El Niño – What is it?  

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Jul 21 2015

Eating Out in Oaxaca, Mexico

We had so many memorable meals on our recent trip to Oaxaca, there are too many to talk about. We ate in restaurants that ran the gamut from smaller, family restaurants called comedors to fine dining restaurants — one of our favorites is Las Quince Letres where we enjoyed a four-course comida corrida for 90 pesos ($6.00) each. …

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Jul 21 2015

The Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

On a recent visit to Mexico City, we hired a driver to take us to the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco. Xochimilco (pronounced, sochi-milko – in Aztec meaning ‘place of the flowers’) is a network of canals and man-made islands originally used by the Aztecs. In pre-Hispanic Mexico , in the valley where Mexico City stands was a lake called Lago …

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May 28 2015

Gardening in Costa Rica with Steve: Meet Steve and See What He’s Growing (Video)

Gardening in Costa Rica with Steve – Meet Steve and See What He’s Growing Related Articles: Gardening in Costa Rica with Steve: Soil Solutions Gardening in Costa Rica with Steve: The Challenges From the Peace Corps to Retirement in Costa Rica, by Steve Johnson

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Dec 06 2014

Estelí, Nicaragua: Whoa!

In October, 2014, we visited Estelí, Nicaragua for two weeks and really enjoyed getting to know the town. It’s largely rural once you get out of the downtown area. And you never know what you’ll see along the road. Here’s a short little video shot from our taxi that will make you smile!   Related Articles: Our …

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Dec 06 2014

The Murals of Estelí, Nicaragua

In October, 2014, we were in Estelí, Nicaragua for two weeks. As we explored the city by bus, taxi, and on foot, we saw beautiful murals, most  painted, others done in mosaics, and some which added recycled items like soda bottle caps and beer can tabs.  We’ve put together the following video of the murals we …

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Dec 06 2014

Retire for Less Goes to Nicaragua – Spotlight on Estelí

After our 24 day trip to Nicaragua in October, we have lots of things to share with you about our experiences. So, for a while, our newsletters will include a section of info, videos, stories, and photos about Nicaragua. Hope you enjoy learning more about our neighboring country to the north. First off, some basic …

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