Apr 05 2012

The Vision of Casa Campo

After our recent visit to Casa Campo, we met with the owner, Gustavo Blanco, to learn more about his vision. Here is what he told us:

Casa Campo started 15 years ago as a dream for my family. We sold all our properties in San Jose to buy this place and fell in love with it, with the goal of keeping the forest intact, the water clean, and increasing the wildlife inside the property. The property is surrounded by wildlife, including birds, monkeys, and iguanas. We call this an urban farm because the location is country but also near small urban areas like Orotina, Esparza, and San Ramon. Plus we are only 30 minutes from Puntarenas and less than an hour from the Pacific beaches. Also, the San Jose International Airport is a little over an hour away. Temperatures are in the 80s up to 90, with lows in the upper 60s.

People shouldn’t have to mess with cities. In my opinion, the cities in Costa Rica are out of control, with crime, sewage, overpopulation, pollution, and heavy traffic problems. And they don’t have solutions. We wanted to leave these things behind and have a better quality of life. Here, it’s very possible to live with nature since we have all the services – electricity, potable water, telephone, and Internet. Casa Campo is connected.

Casa Campo has an ideology. It’s not only nature we are supporting but Indian culture. So from time to time, we bring in Shamans to spread knowledge about medicinal plants, massage, and how to live a spiritual life with nature.

We also have 5,000 meter lots (1.25 acres) available for those who share our dream. As an architect, I’ve been designing various terraces on the hills and the mountains to give others a property they can be proud of. I have a commitment to the trees, not to cut them, but rather build around them. All lots will have great views.  The land is ready to build. The roads are ready. Drainage is in.

We are looking for a community of people who share our vision. Presently, we have one couple, in addition to my wife, daughter and me, living on the property. I can help design the house of your dreams.

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