May 24 2016

The Yearly Invasion of the Abejones

They’re here. They came right on schedule this year, the abejones. In the States they are known as June bugs, but here in Costa Rica they arrive in May. We saw the first ones the end of April, just after the first rain of the season. The rain softens the earth so they are able to rise up from it, mate, and lay their eggs, which will grow to continue the cycle the following years. Though they are not harmful to humans or pets, they can damage lawns and plants, and can be extremely annoying.abejón
They fly like drunken pilots, bouncing off the walls and flying into your hair. They show up at night time and, like many insects, they are attracted to the light. It’s impossible to enjoy reading in bed with a light on (or just the light from your e-reader) while they are around. Even when you turn off the light and try to go to sleep, the sound of them pinging against the walls is annoying. So we keep a fly swatter handy, get out of bed, and wait for them to light on the wall or a curtain and…swat! Then, once it’s finally quiet, we can go to sleep.

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