Jul 15 2013

Tracking the Weather in Atenas

by Diana Miskell Turlock

You’ve heard of caramel apples on a stick and corn dogs on a stick…but bet you’ve never heard of a rain gauge on a stick — until now. Actually, it’s a great idea and I might do the same thing with my rain gauge in San Ramon. Thanks to Lance’s wife Diana for allowing us to reprint this from her blog.

My husband Lance is collaborating with Paul and Gloria Yeatman on keeping daily rainfall and temperature statistics for both Atenas and San Ramon, a town that is at a higher elevation than Atenas and therefore experiences different rainfall and weather patterns. Costa Rica is a country of microclimates. Many think that the country may be uncomfortably hot and humid. That is simply not so. It depends on where you choose to live.

Lance's Rain Gauge

Paul and Gloria live in San Ramon and have a very informative and interesting website called “Retire For Less in Costa Rica”. They share many of our philosophies about living a simpler life with less “stuff” to clutter up your space and mind. Their site offers lots of helpful information about living in Costa Rica.

Lance recently received a rain gauge as a gift from our friends and neighbours, Rose Mary and Tony … thank you! On the days we have rain, he records the amount of rainfall and also the daily high and low temperatures at our altitude. It is interesting to compare the different figures between Atenas and San Ramon, especially for those people researching living in the Central Valley of Costa Rica and wondering what area would suit them best.

Notice the nice green pole the gauge is mounted on. It is mounted in an area unobstructed by overhead foliage. We went to the Atenas hardware store, Vargas, and found the perfect piece of wood behind the store in their lumber area. It even had a pointed end to drive into the ground. Then we bought some outdoor green spray paint for the pole and a couple of screws to loosely mount the gauge on the pole. The loose mounting allows the gauge to be lifted away from the pole to eye level for reading, emptied of water, and placed back on the pole with ease – ready and set for the next day’s reading.”

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