Apr 30 2013

Transportation: Budget Breakdown

Our Transportation expenses of $195.33 this month were actually down, well below our average of $331.71 over the first four months of 2013. We didn’t take the bus or any taxis. The expenses in this category break down as follows for April 2013:

  • Gas: $182.06
  • Tolls: $5.65
  • Parking: $2.60
  • Tire Repair: $5

In April, we didn’t have any of the extras — car repairs, Marchamo (annual registration), insurance, or RITEVE (annual inspection). It was pretty much just gas (2.5 fill-ups), tolls and parking. We did have a flat tire repaired for 2,440 colones – about $5.00.

To give you an idea of some or our regular car-related expenses, this is what we paid last year:

  • Marchamo (annual registration): $187
  • Insurance: $319
  • RITEVE (annual inspection): $20

The largest part of our transportation expenses is from gas and car repairs. Gas is about $5.50/gallon in Costa Rica and it is normal for us to use 2 to 2.5 tanks of gas per month at about $75 per fill-up. Car repairs vary as parts on our older car wear out and need to be replaced.

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