Nov 16 2013

Trying Out Costa Rica


by Valencia Stevens

Valencia wearing her butterfly shirt & a butterfly!

We were looking for a new adventure in our lives, so, after retiring in December 2012 for me and February this year for my husband, we decided to check out Costa Rica. We researched and visited in the fall of 2012 and as of June 11, 2013, Jimmy and I arrived in Costa Rica. We stayed at the Cabinas for two months and are now in an incredibly beautiful house in San Pedro, just outside of San Ramón. While at the Cabinas, we walked a lot, up and down steep hills or steps, getting lots of exercise which is a very good thing.

We have enjoyed the San Ramón/Central Valley area. The Ticos and Gringos are most personable and we have made many friends very quickly. I can remember walking in San Ramón, making eye contact with every person, young and old, saying “Hola” and getting an equal eye contact with a smile and an equal response of “buenas” or “adios.” I still do the greeting and smile, just not as often. Everything is not as fresh as when we first arrived. My perspective is somewhat different.

Jimmy and I have traveled all over this country, just to see if this is where we are retiring, looking for the “just right” place for us. And in doing so, we have a knowledge of the country — the people, the legal system, infrastructure, housing, language — which all can become complicated as we have found. We had no problem with our purchase of an automobile. We asked a local Tico to help (which I highly recommend). We have been most fortunate in finding rentals, and there is a multitude of purchasing possibilities for houses available of every kind and/or price, which we have discovered.

We have decided to move back to the States. We are “purchasers” of property. Renting just doesn’t seem to be in our future. We tend to change the place where we live to fit our likes and dislikes. Since I don’t have a strong desire to learn the language, buying a property here in Costa Rica is not an option. And…I think I’m just ready to be back in the States.

This has been an incredible adventure and I am thankful to have had this opportunity. We will probably come back to visit. We know many people to visit, and will be welcome to come back.”

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