Oct 05 2011

Video Slide Show – San Lucas Island Prison

We went on a San Lucas Island Tour, and it was fascinating! Our friend Parker said it was the best tour she’s been on in Costa Rica! It started with a boat trip through the Mangrove Forests near Puntarenas. We saw huge crocodiles sunning themselves near the water and lots of different birds including my favorite, pelicans. Then we continued on to San Lucas Island which was a men’s only prison from 1873 until it was closed for humanitarian reasons in 1991. We toured the grounds, buildings, and prison cells of the penal colony that is sometimes compared to Alcatraz. Prisoners sent there lived in harsh and inhuman conditions and were often tortured. The prison cell walls were covered with graffiti — signatures, drawings, and religious phrases — which tell a story of their lives there.

Here’s our video of the San Lucas Island Prison tour:


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