Jul 12 2008

We’re back!

It’s July 12th and we’re back in Baltimore from our trip to Costa Rica– it was even harder to leave this time than it was when we visited in January. If you remember, Paul and I took a “retirement tour” with George Lundquist (a GREAT investment of time and money, and a very good value; you can visit George’s website for more info). This trip, we decided that we would visit a few of the towns George took us to, in order to try to pin down where we would like to live. We spent four days/three nights in beautiful Puriscal at Las Alturas de Puriscal Bed & Breakfast which is run by Bob & Patsy from Canada.. (In case you would like more information, you can reach them by email at patsy@racsa.co.cr.)  It is a peaceful and tranquil spot (“muy tranquilo” as the locals say) on a 350 acre working farm. The back porch looks out on a pond and rolling green hills. Here are a few photos, though they don’t do it justice.

The B&B is located in a little town called San Juan de Puriscal. It is a farming community with neat little houses, oxen grazing in the fields, and roosters to help you greet the day. Even in the rainy season (May through November), the mornings were clear and blue, with clouds rolling in about noon, and rains starting about 3:00pm. It is amazing how much rain falls in the following few hours, and how quickly the volcanic soil absorbs it, with barely a puddle left behind. We wanted to experience the rainy season, which is why we visited in July, so we can be sure we can deal with it. The answer…YES! It doesn’t rain all day, it leaves behind fresh clean air, and it allows the immense greenness of this country. Some folks we’ve talked to actually prefer the rainy season for these very reasons.

While in Puriscal, we visited George and Aiya at their lovely mountain peak home. What a view! It is located at 4000 feet above sea level, in a small town called Barbacoas de Puriscal. The higher elevation makes the temperatures a bit cooler than the city of Puriscal which is at 3600 feet elevation. This is a land of microclimates, something for everyone’s personal preferences.

I’ll write again soon to tell you more of our adventures in Puriscal and the other towns we visited.

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