Oct 26 2018

What Are the Countries With the Most (and Least) Efficient Health Care?

Bloomberg just published it’s article, “These Are the Economies With the Most (and Least) Efficient Health Care,” stating that “The U.S. will cost you the most for treatment, both in absolute terms and relative to average incomes, while life expectancy of Americans — about 79 years — was exceeded by more than 25 countries and territories, according to an annual Bloomberg analysis in almost 200 economies.”


Coming in as the three countries with the most efficient healthcare were Hong Kong, Singapore, and Spain, respectively.  Canada was rated at number 16, Mexico tied with China at number 20, and Costa Rica made the top 25 at number 25. The United Stated tied for 54th place with Azerbaijan.

The sources for this article included: World Bank, World Health Organization, UN Population Division, International Monetary Fund, Hong Kong Department of Health, Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare.

You can read the entire article and check out the ratings of 56 countries at the link below.

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