Aug 10 2014

What Do You Do All Day? Check Out the CAA!

Volunteer # 12People always ask us, “What do you do all day?” They are so used to doing and producing in North America, they just can’t imagine having a future that’s so open-ended. Well, we have a good answer: VOLUNTEER. It’s something you can do all over Costa Rica. Practically any town of any size will have some sort of volunteer opportunities just waiting for you.

In our town of San Ramón, it’s especially easy to get started with the Community Action Alliance. The Community Action Alliance is “an organization of expats and Costa Ricans in the greater San Ramón area, volunteering together for community enrichment…It enables members to realize a personal opportunity to redefine and recreate their lives.” The Alliance has volunteer opportunities available in many areas. So what do you do all day? It’s easy, with the Community Action Alliance.

To read about what’s been happening with the Community Action Alliance, click on the graphic below. You will be able to read the latest newsletter, subscribe to receive future newsletters, as well as read past issues.


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