Oct 26 2018

What’s Up With the Yeatmans? CT Scan, Cancer, and the Caja-Part 2

As we told you in our last newsletter, Paul came home recently from two weeks in the hospital after having surgery for kidney cancer. Here is a video we shot the day he was to head to the hospital, telling the story-to-date. We hope that you will find it interesting, not only the specifics about Paul’s situation, but about how the Caja system worked for us.

A couple of hours after making this video on Friday, July 27th, we went to the hospital by bus with a couple of our friends along to lend support. We were told to arrive after 4:00 pm at Hospital San Rafael in Alajuela, an hour’s bus ride away. We reported to the admissions office shortly around 4:00 pm, only to be told that there was a mistake, they didn’t have a bed for Paul after all, and we should return home to await another call. So after many weeks of the anxiety of waiting, we got on the next bus and went home to San Ramón. We later learned that admitting patients to a Caja hospital is a balancing act. They need to balance emergencies with urgent surgeries (like Paul’s). People waiting for routine surgeries may have to wait many months, or even years, for them to be scheduled.

Four days later, on Tuesday, July 31st, we got the long-awaited phone call and headed for the hospital again. This time, Paul was admitted and our Caja hospital experience began.

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