Aug 27 2018

What’s Up With the Yeatmans? CT Scan, Cancer, and the Caja-Part 1

You may have noticed that our healthcare expenses have been higher the last few months. Part of the increase was due to preventative care such as my yearly gynecologist appointment and associated tests and new glasses for Paul. But we have had some other issues going on as well.

Paul in his hospital-issued PJs. He had great care in Hospital San Rafael.

Paul came home on Monday, August 13th after being in a Caja hospital for two weeks (since July 31st). On August 9th, he had surgery to remove his right kidney. We found out on June 8th that his recent CT scan showed 2 cancerous tumors and the only treatment possible was to remove the whole kidney. The rest of June and the month of July were a waiting game for us. We had to wait for about 7 weeks for a bed in the Caja (socialized medicine) hospital to become available on July 31st. Nine days later, he had the surgery. They were able to do it laparoscopicly so his recovery will be quicker.

I know that this is shocking. It was for us too. We will know more after we get the biopsy results but we are optimistic. His attitude is great, always positive. Paul says this experience gives us new content for our healthcare tours and presentations. He is right, of course, but I wish we didn’t have to have this experience first-hand. It’s been really hard but we are coming out on the other side now. While he was in the hospital, I commuted to the hospital every day, an hour away by bus, so his being home is making things so much easier.

We told a few close friends and immediate family early on and they were, and continue to be, very supportive. We chose to wait to make this more public on Facebook and in our newsletter until after his surgery. Thanks everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Thanks also to our friends who drove us to and from the hospital, met me at the bus stop every evening to see me safely home, brought me dinner, and came to visit Paul once he was home. You are the best!

Paul, home from the hospital, napping with Tori

Paul is doing great as long as he doesn’t overdo it (that’s my job). His recovery will take 4-6 weeks and he can’t drive for a while. He is home recovering nicely, had his stitches out a few days ago, and is his usual positive self! We won’t know the results of the biopsy for a while but the surgeons were able to safely remove both tumors along with the kidney. We are so grateful that his doctor caught it early and that we could rely on the Caja (though we were prepared to pay out-of-pocket in the private system if necessary).

We will be writing more about this experience, including videos made before and after his surgery, in the coming months. Your positive energy and continued prayers are so appreciated.
Gloria and Paul


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