Mar 15 2013

When is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica?

Many Costa Rica websites lead you to believe that the dry season (high season) is the only time to visit Costa Rica. Generally, they are referring to the time between December 1st and May 1st, when it is drier in the Central Valley and on the Pacific Coast.  They insinuate that the rainy season is less desirable.  But as many of you know, there are many reasons to come during the “green season” (rainy season):

  • It can be less expensive – hotels, parks, and generally all tourist attractions typically charge less.
  • It’s more beautiful – more lush and green.
  • The weather is more predictable, usually with sunny mornings, clouds rolling in around noon, and rain in the afternoons. On the Pacific Coast, the rain doesn’t usually begin until about 4pm.
  • It’s slightly cooler at the beach and less crowded.
  • The days have a built-in time for reading a book or taking a nap during the afternoon rains.

So, take advantage of the rainy months, especially May, June, July and August. Remember, 70% of the rainfall for the season falls on just 15 days. It doesn’t rain all the time, nor does it rain every day – just a little most afternoons. Sometimes it doesn’t rain at all, especially during July’s veranillo (“little summer”). It’s a great time to be in Costa Rica. Everything is green again and you can still enjoy all of the fun things – zip lines, white water rafting, and beaches – and at better rates. You can save up to 50% on hotels and attractions in the green season when the occupancy rates are typically down.

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