Mar 08 2012

Where We Live: Santiago de San Ramón

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The canton (county) of San Ramón is made up of 13 districts, with a total population of about 80,000 people; it is also the second largest canton in Alajuela province.

The town of San Ramón is District #1 and is home to about 13,500 people, in an area about 11 blocks square. In a sense, it’s like the county seat, as this is where the courthouse, municipal buildings, and cathedral are located.  So San Ramón is both a district and a town – confusing enough?

We live in the district of Santiago, actually in the barrio (neighborhood) of Alto Santiago (“high Santiago”).  Santiago is both a district and a town too! The district of Santiago is comprised of the towns of Santiago, Magallenas, Calle Leon, El Enpalme, Rio Jesus, and Angustora. Santiago parallels the Pista (also called the Autopista, Pan-American Highway, or the Inter-Americana) which runs east/west towards Puntarenas and the Gulf of Nicoya.

Santiago, the town, is residential, with no commercial businesses, save for a few pulpurias (tiny convenience stores). It is located just outside of the town of San Ramón, to the southwest about two miles.  Santiago has a church, a soccer field, a couple of schools, a police station, and it also has an EBAIS (local clinic). The elevation of the town of Santiago is about 3,450 feet, similar to the town of San Ramón.

This is where we live; this is where we make our home. This is where we rent at the Cabinas.  If we bought, we’d probably want to live within this district. Statistically, Gloria and I are two of the 4,622 people living in the district of Santiago. Following are some statistics from December 2010:

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