May 10 2008

Why Choose Costa Rica?

So why Costa Rica?  Why not Mexico, or Panama, or right here in the U.S.? There are so many reasons that I’ll continue to write more about it in future posts. First and foremost, we wanted to live in a country where the government was stable. Long called the “Switzerland of the Americas,” Costa Rica is a thriving democracy and its people are very patriotic. They are proud to be citizens of the most progressive and peace-loving country in Central America.

There have been no military actions since 1947 when a successful civil uprising against the government, which was being influenced by communist factions, led to an era of democracy and reforms. While there have been scandals and corruption over the years, Costa Rica has remained a country of proud citizens who pride themselves in 150 years of free and honest elections. If you would like to read more about Costa Rica’s history and culture, read The Ticos: Culture and Social Change in Costa Rica. You can read a review on our “featured books” page.

Since 1948, Costa Rica has had no standing army. 1947, Costa Rica and all of the other countries in the Americas, signed the Rio Reciprocal Assistance Treaty which promised that they would defend each other should one of the countries face attack. Costa Rica also spends no money on nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

These decisions have allowed them to fund public education and health care. Compared to other Central American countries, Costa Ricans are relatively affluent, with a large middle class and much less poverty. I love that Costa Rica is so peaceful and that they take care of their own. This is the kind of place I would like to call home.

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