Oct 27 2020


Please note that we have published our final newsletter and have retired “Retire for Less in Costa Rica.” The articles and real estate on our website will no longer be updated.  The website will remain online for the immediate future but we foresee taking it down at some point. We have also closed our retirement tour business, especially in light of Covid-19.

We will still post occasionally on our Facebook page, and you can also contact us at retireforless2020@gmail.com.

Thank you for following our lives, reading our newsletters, and engaging with us over the years. It has been a privilege to get to know so many of you.

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Apr 01 2011


Paul & Gloria

Welcome to RetireforLessinCostaRica.com!

We called our website, “Retire for Less in Costa Rica” because that’s what we’ve done. Our goal was to retire on $2,000 per month; that’s $24,000 per year. In reality, some months we spend even less. During a normal month, we spend about $1,900, and when we travel around to see this beautiful country, we might spend a few hundred dollars more.  (You can read our cost of living articles at this link.) We would like to show you how you, too, can retire in Costa Rica for much less than you may be spending in the U.S. or Canada. In addition to accurate, down to earth information — the good, the bad, and the ugly — our website offers products and services that we believe will help you, both as you consider Costa Rica for retirement, and after you move here. We also search for good values on housing, entertainment, tours, vacations and more, and pass them on to our readers. We offer many tips that can be used wherever you live in the world.

What is the Retire for Less Philosophy?

Sometimes we tell people that we live the “retire for less lifestyle,” or perhaps we notice that others are also living in a similar way. So what exactly is it?

Conserve, simplify, enjoy. These three words sum up the Retire for Less Philosophy or lifestyle. We believe one can:

  • Enjoy the simple things in life
  • Discard some old beliefs regarding retirement
  • Count your cash, get your Social Security, and go where it’s cheaper
  • Reinvent yourself and begin a whole new, adventurous phase of your life
  • Look at your life differently, embrace the new culture, and try not to be ethnocentric
  • Scale down, live within your means, and learn to have fun, fun, fun!
  • Conserve energy, go green, and live without air-conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, and cars, as much as possible
  • Live without debt, reduce expenses, and reduce expectations
  • Save money, spend less, use less, and be satisfied with less – less is more

Making these choices doesn’t have to be a bad thing, nor a sacrifice.  It’s a good, positive thing.  We believe that less can be more and we try to live it. We realize that our way is not the way for everyone.  There are as many lifestyles in the world as there are people in it.  But if our philosophy resonates with you, then we invite you along for the journey.

We invite you to interact with us!

To subscribe to our newsletter, just click the “Newsletter” link above and enter your name and email address. We also offer a “comments” feature where you can give us feedback on our articles and other posts. And you can always reach us through our Contact Us page.

The symbol of this website is the brilliant, Blue Morpho butterfly that is native to Costa Rica. There is a fable about the Blue Morpho, that if you see one, miracles can happen, dreams can come true.

The goal of this Web site is to give people who share the dream of retiring in Costa Rica a place to ask questions, learn about life here, and find helpful products and services. Whether you have already visited and fallen in love with Costa Rica, or you are just thinking about retiring in a place where your money will go further, this Web site is for you.  We hope that you will visit us often.

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Mar 31 2011

Quote: Agatha Christie

I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming… suddenly you find – at the age of 50, say – that a whole new life has opened before you.

Agatha Christie
English mystery author (1890 – 1976)

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Mar 30 2011

Services We’ve Used and Highly Recommend

For trusted help with legal residency in Costa Rica (& get a special RFL Discount), contact Residency in Costa Rica

Residency in Costa Rica

El Castillo de Relajamiento Cabinas in Beautiful San Ramon, Costa Rica

Cabinas of Costa Rica

CPI Spanish Immersion School – Choose the Best (& get a special RFL discount)!

CPI Spanish Immersion School

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Mar 29 2011

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