How Much Insurance Coverage Does the Annual Marchamo Include?

Updated 11/22/15

The Marchamo is Costa Rica’s mandatory annual vehicle registration and it includes, among other things, compulsory car insurance. It is payable as of November 15th every year and must be paid before the end of December.

According to the INS website:

All vehicle owners should have the Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicles (SOA), which aims to assure people that are injured in an accident involving such means of transport.

This insurance is charged annually and is a prerequisite for the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Thus, the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance covers the injury and death of people (pedestrians and occupants), victims of a traffic accident, whether or not the subjective responsibility of the driver (Traffic Act 9078).

Each year, it is payable from the second half of November and is incorporated in the automobile registration known as “Marchamo” for each car, in the management which is named as Mass Billing.

The INS, year after year, incorporates a number of improvements to the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance, so that people can have a major medical coverage in the event of an accident traffic.


The Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicles offers the services of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital and rehabilitation; prostheses and medical devices, cash benefits for temporary or permanent disability or death, funeral expenses and the transfer of the body; relocation expenses of the injured; payments lodging and food for people who are injured when with the supply of medical services – health or rehabilitation must move from a place other than his habitual residence; for those injured in a traffic accident in accordance with the 9078 Act.

As of January 1, 2015, coverage of Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicles (SOA) will be up to ¢ 6,000,000.00 (Note: about $11,350 USD) per deceased or injured person or even paid for motorcycle or moped type vehicle coverage.

Coverage Limit

The Road Traffic Act 9078 Article No. 66 states:

The coverage limit per person is individual and not transferable as provided below:

a) To a basic amount in combination to cover medical or financial benefits.

b) The amount set out in the preceding paragraph will double coverage of exclusively medical services in the presence of any of the following situations:

i. The injury is not secured to the sickness and maternity scheme of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

ii. The injured is under eighteen years of age.

iii. Life of the injured are taken into risk.

c) Until a basic amount per person to cover compensation in the event of permanent disability, either total or partial. Do not deduct any amount in respect of services specified in paragraphs a) and b).

d) To a basic amount per person to cover compensation in the event of death, which no amount is not deducted.

e) In all cases where the amount of coverage in items a) and b) of this section expires, proceed in accordance with this law.”

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