Live in Costa Rica? Save up to 25% on Spanish Lessons at CPI

If you’ve been reading our newsletters, you know we’ve been taking Spanish lessons for a while now at CPI Immersion Spanish School in Heredia. After living in Costa Rica for four and a half years, we are still working at learning the Spanish language, poco a poco. And yes, sometimes I feel frustrated. And yes, I still struggle to conjugate verbs. But continuing to take classes has helped me immeasurably in both my confidence and my ability to speak and understand conversations with Ticos. Can I say everything I want to say? Not always. I still have to look up words or ask Paul, but I am so much better at communicating what I want, need, and feel, and it has added to my enjoyment of living here.

That being said, we have good news for those of you who are living in Costa Rica and want to improve your Spanish or even begin your study of the language. CPI offers a 25% discount to for residents of Costa Rica. So, if you are a legal resident, or are in the process of becoming a resident, you qualify for this discount. For more information, go to this link and fill out the contact form and someone from admissions will contact you.

If you are not living in Costa Rica and want lessons when you are visiting or even online, never fear. You qualify for the special 10% discount that CPI offers our readers. Again, just fill out the form at this link to contact the admissions department.

Esperamos que usted tome ventaja de esta oportunidad de hablar español y ahorrar dinero. (We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to speak Spanish and save money.)

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