Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Rent a Post Office Box

San Ramon Post Office

(Updated with 2020 prices)

A great way to save hundreds of dollars a year is to have a post office box in Costa Rica, versus using a delivery service like Aerocasillas. I would say Aerocasillas is more efficient, and certainly faster than the post office, but you pay for that service. Our P.O. Box, #187, is located in the San Ramon post office and costs 18,927.50 colones (about $33) per year while Aerocasillas can be that much and more, per month. We seem to be getting our mail okay, although magazines may get ripped off en route. But letters and cards pass through just fine.

Since we left Baltimore, four years ago, we no longer get junk mail. Here’s how it works for us. Our mail, and what little junk mail we get, goes to Gloria’s brother in Florida. He scans everything that may be important and emails the scans to us.

If you want to test how long it takes to get something to Costa Rica, send us a note or a postcard with your email address. (Feel free to include a note, a photo of yourself… or even money!) We’ll let you know when we get it. Here’s our mailing address: PO Box 187-4250, San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica, 20201.

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