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Retire for Less in Costa Rica – February 27, 2016

By Paul & Gloria in Blog, Featured Welcome to our Retire For Less In Costa Rica Newsletter Paul and Gloria In This Issue: It’s All About the Weather! Costa Rica Winds (Video) A Windy Day Bus Ride in Bajo La Paz Snapshots of Life in Costa Rica – Wind, Clouds, and Sunsets Monthly Costa Rica Weather Report for 11 Towns […]

Our May 2018 Costa Rica Cost of Living

By Paul & Gloria in Blog We had another great month in May in terms of our overall spending, even with some additional healthcare costs taken into account, coming in well below our goal of $2,000 for the month. Transportation – $66.62 Since moving to town about a year and a half ago, we average one fill-up of […]

Retire for Less in Costa Rica – June 1, 2017

By Paul & Gloria in Blog, Featured Welcome to our Retire For Less In Costa Rica Newsletter Paul and Gloria In This Special Healthcare Issue:  Jackson’s Care – A Cost Effective Option for Private Healthcare in Costa Rica In the Mailbag – Medicare and Health Insurance Our Ultimate CR Healthcare Tour       If you missed our last newsletter, you […]

Info About New License Plates in Costa Rica

By Gloria in Blog As often happens when new laws are enacted in Costa Rica (and, I am sure, elsewhere in the world), there is a lot of confusion about the details. The issue of new “mandatory” license plates is no exception. The Tico Times recently published an article that explains that the new plates are NOT mandatory […]

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica: My Experience – Part 1, by Vikki Riggle

By Paul & Gloria in Blog by Vikki Riggle My “before” picture Picking out a new dentist can be a scary experience, right? Well, imagine doing it blindfolded, while throwing darts at a map on the wall and you’ll have some idea of how I felt when I decided to look for a dentist in Costa Rica. I mean, […]

Festivities of the Patron Saints of San Ramón Parrish

By Gloria in Blog Festejos Patronales San Ramón 2012 The Crowning of the Queen The 12-day Festejos Patronales San Ramón 2012 (Festivities of the Patron Saints of the San Ramón Parrish) kicked off on Friday, August 24th, but preparations began much earlier. Not only did it take over a month to build the temporary structures, staging, booths, and cooking facilities, each neighborhood […]

11.75% Colones CDs: Answering Your Questions

By Paul & Gloria in Blog, Resources Many people have written to us asking questions about our local investments at Coopenae, so we thought we would follow up and try to answer some of the most common questions. Usually they have to do with why we chose to invest there and whether or not it’s safe. We met with Marco Ramírez […]

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Save on Car Repairs

By Paul in Blog Car repairs are a real bargain in Costa Rica. I know I write about cars a lot — should you buy or not buy a car? Should you ship a car or get one here? For us expats, a car also acts like a barrier to integration, even though it’s very convenient. And plenty […]