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Costa Rica Winds (Video)

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Summer in Costa Rica brings many things on the Pacific side of the country — blue skies, day after day of no rain (as opposed to the Caribbean side of the country where it rains year-round), tourists, and snow birds. It also brings the wind. Usually a sign of the change over from the rainy season […]

Monthly Weather Report for San Ramón, Atenas, Nuevo Arenal, Quepos, Near San Isidro de General, & San Rafael de Heredia – February 2015

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Click to enlarge. You’ll notice that we now show rainfall and temperatures for six towns in Costa Rica. This isn’t weather forecasting. We report after the fact to give you a much better picture of the weather in each of these areas. Do you track the weather data for your town in Costa Rica? If so, we’d […]

Retire for Less in Costa Rica – February 27, 2016

By Paul & Gloria in Blog, Featured Welcome to our Retire For Less In Costa Rica Newsletter Paul and Gloria In This Issue: It’s All About the Weather! Costa Rica Winds (Video) A Windy Day Bus Ride in Bajo La Paz Snapshots of Life in Costa Rica – Wind, Clouds, and Sunsets Monthly Costa Rica Weather Report for 11 Towns […]

Festivities of the Patron Saints of San Ramón Parrish

By Gloria in Blog Festejos Patronales San Ramón 2012 The Crowning of the Queen The 12-day Festejos Patronales San Ramón 2012 (Festivities of the Patron Saints of the San Ramón Parrish) kicked off on Friday, August 24th, but preparations began much earlier. Not only did it take over a month to build the temporary structures, staging, booths, and cooking facilities, each neighborhood […]

Costa Rica’s Museums: A Great Way to Spend the Day in San Jose

By Paul & Gloria in Blog We love Costa Rica’s museums. We plan to visit them all, but so far we’ve only been to four of them: The Gold Museum The Numismatic Museum The Children’s Museum The Jade Museum   One of the great things about them is that they are small – you can get through them […]

An Introduction to Finca Luna Nueva

By Gloria in Blog, Videos One of our most interesting trips recently was to Finca Luna Nueva, located in the northern part of the Cantón of San Ramón, about one hour and 45 minutes from where we live. Though things are getting brown here on the Pacific side of the mountain range that runs through the center of the […]

Off to New Adventures Aboard “Dragon’s Wing”

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Paul and Gayle Sommers by Gail Sommers My husband, Paul, is settling into “boat mode,” as we get ready to leave Costa Rica. Obsessively checking weather reports for crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, ordering parts for items that need to be taken care of when Paul returns to Florida to do […]

Costa Rica’s Café Chorreado

By Paul & Gloria in Blog by Gayle Sommers Coffee is an interesting thing here in Costa Rica. Like apples in WA State, the best coffee is exported, but there’s still a lot available, from many locations around the area…I’ve experimented with a number of different brands, probably trying out at least 15 different kinds, but still barely […]

Fiestas patronales de San Ramón 2011

By Gloria in Blog (Note: Fiestas patronales means Festival of Patron Saints. Saint Ramón is the Patron Saint of the Canton (county) of San Ramón; each town in San Ramón county also has a patron saint.  The festivities run from Friday, August 26th through Sunday, September 4th. Not included in the translation below is the description of religious […]