Fiestas patronales de San Ramón 2011

San Ramón hopes to celebrate in style during the feast.

Program begins with 16 religious activities, but sales of local foods and concerts begin from August 26 and end on September 4. A week full of cultural education and cultural activities will be offered from 26 August to 4 September in and around the atrium of the church of San Ramón, with the celebration of the Fiestas Patronales.

Under the slogan, “San Ramón one family” church authorities begin the activities on Friday, August 26 with the blessing of the ranches in afternoon hours. Then at 6 pm at the Parish Hall of the San Juan Church will be a fireworks display and dance to celebrate the crowning of Ms. San Ramón 2011. Simultaneously, cultural rescue activities will begin on stage.

On Saturday 27, the party continues on stage with the band Innovación and other artistic groups from the area. Also performing throughout the festival will be musicians: Hechizo, Son de Tikizia, Sinem, Chiqui–Chiqui, Banda Sinfónica de la Sede de Occidente, and later, the comedian Marcia Saborío.

On Wednesday, the 31st our glorious patron saint, San Ramón Nonato reaches out to the images of patron saints in different parts of the town. That same day, the stage will present of the work of area songwriters and other artists.

As usual, local musical groups will offer the visiting public a guitar concert, folk music, and dances through the streets of downtown.

Thus, the church invites the community of the Occidente (Western Central Valley) to participate in this Cultural Week organized especially to celebrate the festival of patron saints and enjoy the educational and cultural activities designed for all audiences.

Cultural Program

Friday, August 26: Sensational start of the festivities.
3:00 pm – Procession and Blessing of the Ranches.
You can come to enjoy the coffee; delicious food for all.
3:30 pm – Mass on stage: last day of the Novena; Presiding: Team of Priests
Topic: San Ramón One Family.
5:00 pm – On stage great music and wonderful presentations
6:00 pm – Rescue of cultural values
On stage: Festival by the Municipality.
6:30 pm – Sensational firework display for all in the Pastoral House, San Juan de San Ramón
7:00 pm – Coronation Dance, Election of Ms. San Ramón 2011, Pastoral House, San Juan de San Ramón.

Saturday August 27: Day of the bands, music and delicious food.
8:00 a.m. – Come with your family to eat breakfast at the park.
9:00 a.m. – Parade of Bands on the main streets of the Parish Center.
12:30 pm – Lunch is ready: beef, tamales, picadillo and your coffee
1:30 pm – The stage delights us with excellent live music
4:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
5:00 pm – A day of dance on stage, come enjoy the presentations.
5:30 pm – Mass at the Parroquial church
7:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
8:00 pm – Next on stage: dance music. Introduction of the group Innovación.
Come eat a chop, they are delicious!

Sunday August 28: Big auction – A day of surprises for all families
7:00 a.m. – Mass at the Parish Church
9:00 a.m. – Mass at the Parish Church
10:00 a.m. – Mass at the Parish House in San Juan de San Ramón.
There will also be lunch available.
The auction begins at the Parish House in San Juan
10:00 a.m. – Excellent presentation of mime on stage.
11:00 a.m. – Mass at the Parish Church.
12:00 p.m. – GREAT AUCTION at the Pastoral Center
1:00 pm – Dance, Folklore and music on stage
4:00 pm – More live music
5:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
6:00 pm – On stage: Grupo Hechizo
7:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
8:00 pm – We close the day with great music concert:  Son de Tikizia

Monday August 29: Day of the values and traditions of our people.
5:00 pm – Enjoy the dance performances of Grupo “Movimientos”
6:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
7:00 pm – Come listen to great music of San Ramón’s artists; spectacular presentation by Sinem

Tuesday August 30: Wonderful day of the entrance of statues of the Patron Saints
10:00 a.m. – San Ramón greets and welcomes everyone; this is a fiesta!
Solemn entrance of the Saints into our parish church.
1:00 pm – Continue the joy on the stage with dancing and music of JAWA Ensamble
The food is delicious, try the tamales, this year only.
2:30 pm – Time to visit the Church and see all these beautiful statues of the patron saints
Have a coffee and enjoy Danza Folklórica Biriteca
3:30 pm – Sensational concert with the band Chiqui-Chiqui
6:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church.
7:00 pm – Vespers of Our Patron Saint
Sensational Seranade to Saint Ramón
7:30 pm – Continue the party on stage with a concert with the group Ephesians 6.10,
then end the night with the group Hechizo

Wednesday August 31: Today is the glorious day of our patron saint, San Ramón Nonato
5:00 a.m. – With cheerful music roam the streets to start this day of the festival
10:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist celebrations; Presiding: Bishop Angel San Casimiro and invited priests
1:00 pm – The party is very good on stage with music and belly dancing
3:30 pm – Pura Vida, Alegres del Norte and Factor Humano
6:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
7:30 pm – Quartet and Mariachi.
The joy and celebration close today with another excellent concert with Los Hicsos

Thursday September 1: Enjoy this day of culture and delicious San Ramón flavors
7:00 a.m. – Holy Hour to pray for all women expecting babies, asking the intersection of Saint Ramón
4:00 pm – Enjoy presentations on stage: Recuerdos de mi tierra and Baile Sap
6:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church.
7:00 pm – Animation on stage and festival night with Apacur

Friday September 2: Day of music, folklore and equine show.
7:00 am – First Friday Mass
8:30 am – First Friday Confessions
3:00 pm – Tortillitas with cheese and good coffee for everyone
4:00 pm – Enjoy together presentations Alborada and Terruño Poeta
6:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
7:00 pm – Stunning Equine Exhibition
The Festival on stage is a good time with Tamandua Root
Come eat good chicharroncito and finger-licking-good ribs

Saturday September 3: Youth and children have their special day, we are one family.
9:00 am – Excellent display of skateboards and bikes for all tastes.
Also, music and acrobatics.
Younger children enjoy the inflatables, pony rides and other entertainment.
12:30 am – The stage delights us with music from Coyol, Perlas Riconeñas and Flor de Tabaco.
Everything is ready for lunch:  beef, ribs, tamales, picadillo and more
Next on stage is joy and belly dance.
4:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church.
5:30 pm – Spectacular presentation by comedian Marcia Saborio, come to have a lot of fun
5:30 pm – Mass in the Parroquial Church
7:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
8:00 pm – Continuing on stage with a dance concert with Mango Verde
Come eat a chorreada and a good mondongo (tripe) stew

Sunday September 4: Ox-Cart Day, big prizes, raffle and closing spectacular
7:00 am – Mass at the Parish Church
8:00 am – The coffee is ready, we are waiting for breakfast
9:00 am – Mass at the Parish Church
10:00 am – Traditional ox-cart parade
Some ice cream with fruit can’t be too bad
11:00 am – Mass at the Paroquial Church
12:30 pm – have a great lunch…something for everyone’s tastes
2:00 pm – On stage there is music, marimbas and dance
Amazing presentation by Punto de Fuga
5:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
6:00 pm – We have a good atmosphere on stage to end the afternoon
7:00 pm – Mass in the Parish Church
8:00 pm – We close the season with a sensational concert by Madera Nueva
9:00 pm – Great Parrish Raffle

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