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MediSmart: An Affordable Alternative to Private Health Insurance in Costa Rica

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Hospital Metropolitano San Jose Updated January 28, 2019 Like many expats in Costa Rica, we don’t have private health insurance. It is next to impossible to find private coverage for folks over 70 years of age or that doesn’t exclude preexisting conditions. And affordability is another factor for us with annual plans in the […]

17 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move to Costa Rica

By Paul in Blog Facts updated February 25, 2018 Recently, after one of our 5-hour San Ramon tours, our client, Steve F. said that we were not balanced enough, that we tried to sell Costa Rica and San Ramón. Granted, it wasn’t our usual tour since the only time they had available was a Sunday, so almost everything […]

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Buy Fresh Flowers

By Paul in Blog One of the great deals in Costa Rica is buying fresh flowers. I’ve always liked fresh flowers in my house. In Baltimore, we would generally buy flowers weekly or every other week at Trader Joe’s. They were a good deal there as well. A beautiful bunch, suitable for a vase on our dining room […]

Types of Costa Rica Residencies, Requirements, and Benefits

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Originally published by the Costa Rican Times, December 2, 2013 Costa Rica News – There are many people that are thinking about applying for Costa Rican residency. Getting residency can make life in Costa Rica a little more easy to deal with and get rid of some of the red tape that you […]

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Sign Up for Skype, Vonage, or Magicjack

By Paul in Blog Communication is very important for expats today. Why, without it, I think we’d have fewer expats. The ability to communicate with those back home via Skype, Vonage, or MagicJack is the big difference between expats of 20+ years ago and today. All three – Skype,Vonage, and MagicJack – can save you lots of money over traditional phone services. […]

Our December 2018 Costa Rica Cost of Living

By Paul & Gloria in Blog It’s been a couple of months since we published our Costa Rica Cost of Living breakdown. Since we spent the months of October and November in Oaxaca, Mexico, there were no Costa Rica expenses for those months. We arrived back home on December 1st so this is our spending for the full […]

How Much Insurance Coverage Does the Annual Marchamo Include?

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Updated 11/22/15 The Marchamo is Costa Rica’s mandatory annual vehicle registration and it includes, among other things, compulsory car insurance. It is payable as of November 15th every year and must be paid before the end of December. According to the INS website: All vehicle owners should have the Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicles (SOA), […]

Costa Rica’s Museums: A Great Way to Spend the Day in San Jose

By Paul & Gloria in Blog We love Costa Rica’s museums. We plan to visit them all, but so far we’ve only been to four of them: The Gold Museum The Numismatic Museum The Children’s Museum The Jade Museum   One of the great things about them is that they are small – you can get through them […]

10 Tips on How to Thrive as an Expat in Costa Rica

By Paul & Gloria in Blog This article was written by  Laura Alvarado on November 15, 2017 and was originally published by The Costa Rica Star newspaper. You can read the original article at this link. Used with permission from the publisher. Note: photos added by Gloria Yeatman. Starting a new life in a different country is certainly challenging, initially […]

“This Retirement Life” Interview

By Paul & Gloria in Blog     We were recently interviewed by Dave Hogan from This Retirement Life. Dave and his wife, Kathy, visited Costa Rica for the first time last month on a Caravan Tour, which they thoroughly enjoyed. “Kathy and I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica on our 9-day Caravan Tour. What a beautiful […]