Costa Rica Weather–August 2016 Observations, Facts, & Tidbits

By Paul & Gloria in Blog Click to enlarge. You’ll notice that we now show rainfall and temperatures for eleven towns in Costa Rica: San Ramón de Alajuela Atenas Nuevo Arenal Quepos Near San Isidro de General San Rafael de Heredia Tinamastes, Perez Zeledon El Cajón de Grecia Grand View Estates, Siquirres Volio de Cachí, Orosi Valley Escazú This isn’t […]

Retire for Less in Costa Rica – Final Newsletter, October 27, 2020

By Paul & Gloria in Blog, Featured Welcome to our Retire For Less In Costa Rica Newsletter Paul and Gloria In This Issue:  What’s Up with the Yeatmans? It’s the End of an Era. Our Final Cost of Living Update and Some Closing Thoughts from Paul Costa Rica in the Time of Covid-19 The Top 10 Qualities of Successful […]

Why the Higher Cost of Living in Costa Rica Is Worth It

By Paul & Gloria in Blog by Tammy (Originally published by Viva Tropical. Used with permission.) Photos, links, and notes by RFLCR & updated on June 8, 2016. Costa Rica has been an increasingly popular destination among tourists and expats for several decades. And, while it stands out heads above the rest for its abundance of untamed nature and […]

Paul’s Monthly Tip to Live for Less in Costa Rica: Rent a Post Office Box

By Paul in Blog San Ramon Post Office (Updated with 2020 prices) A great way to save hundreds of dollars a year is to have a post office box in Costa Rica, versus using a delivery service like Aerocasillas. I would say Aerocasillas is more efficient, and certainly faster than the post office, but you pay for that service. Our P.O. […]

Retire for Less Goes to Nicaragua

By Paul & Gloria in Blog After 24 days traveling in Nicaragua, we’re back home in Costa Rica. Why Nicaragua, you might ask? First, they are Costa Rica’s neighbor to the north and it’s inexpensive to travel there. Second, it is a country that developed very differently from Costa Rica and we wanted to get to know it’s […]

Moving to Costa Rica – What do you wish you brought?

By Gloria in Shipping Your Stuff Recently (well, okay, it was a while ago), I asked some of the local Gringos here in San Ramon two questions:  “What do you wish you brought/shipped to Costa Rica that you didn’t?” and “When visitors come, what do you ask them to bring you that you can’t get here?”  Do you want to […]

Renewing our Costa Rica Drivers’ Licenses

By Gloria in Blog, Resources We’ve been living in Costa Rica full-time for more than two years now, and our Costa Rica drivers licenses came up for renewal on May 15th.  We both got our drivers licenses a month or so after we moved here in April 2009, using our U.S. Passports and Maryland Drivers Licenses for identification, and […]